Train your NMT with the help of our expert linguists

At One Hour Translation we have the ability to tailor custom solutions for NMT Training, starting from assembling the right team of linguists for you to adapting complex workflows that serve your needs best

Our Benefits

Human precision

Automatic machine QA systems cannot produce reliable quality assessments. Here at OHT, we see the big picture. Human reviews are context focused - Our team of translators is trained to correct and edit MT engine outputs in accordance to even the most subtle nuances of the source text, ensuring a perfect localization of your content.


OHT has the ability to bring together thousands of translators and editors from all over the world. Our team consists of over 20,000 linguists from more than 100 countries. No project is too big for us!


We can meet even the toughest deadlines. To save your time, we streamlined the entire translation workflow, eliminating all delays. Large projects can be divided into as many parts as it is necessary, all in order to meet your deadlines.

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