University of Dubai to Assist with Growing Demand for Arabic-English Translators

July 24th, 2012
University of Dubai To Assist With Growing Demand For Arabic English Translators

The course duration will be four years and will cover all aspects of Arabic and English as well as the various forms of translation. To add greater depth to the BA program, additional aspects are studied such as the cultural aspects of both language and psychology, the art of public speaking, and later moving to Semantics and Phonetics. These offer wide opportunities once qualified for a range of different jobs.


A Pathway to a Career as a Professional Translator


The chair of the new program, Dr Kathy O'Sullivan, has stated that this course almost guarantees an immediate job once completed, as it is tailored to the real needs of the world. This may seem like a large claim but it is generally accepted that translation is very much a growing industry and in my opinion, this course will be perfect for any student in the UAE looking to make it as a translator. Dr O'Sullivan has lived in the region for over twelve years, and carries a wealth of experience in the education sector.


Dual Purpose: The Preservation of Arabic for Future Generations


She has also commented that the University of Dubai has a strong belief in the importance of the Arabic language, and she personally feels a responsibility to preserve it. The course aims to give equal focus on English and Arabic, as translators will need to be able to translate in both directions, to enable them to cope with real life business events. The students must learn to deal with written and verbal translation, as both skills may be required in a business situation. Her belief in the need for this course is validated by the strong interest shown by potential applicants. We will have to wait until the course starts in September but all signs are pointing to full classes.

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