Is Social Media Too Time Consuming?

By Stacey
Mar 13, 2015 · 3 min

Many people find social media time consuming – responding to tweets, exploring the endless photos on Instagram, or stalking old school friends on Facebook.

Is Social Media Too Time Consuming? | One Hour Translation

Many people find social media time consuming – responding to tweets, exploring the endless photos on Instagram, or stalking old school friends on Facebook. If social media is dominating your personal life, the answer is easy – cut down on the time you invest in it. What do you do though, if you are running a business that needs to foster its social media profiles to connect with clients and make new sales?

Even if you know you need a social media presence as a business owner, you will not be productive if you reduce your workload to tackle your social demands. It is easy to spend all day planning and executing your social media strategies, but this will never achieve anything if you do not have time to spend on actually doing work.

Social media allows us to get lost in it, and it provides the perfect distraction. When a person logs in to Twitter, because they want to post one tweet, they will quickly become engulfed in the ideas, people and pictures that exist there. Twitter has often been called a river, and as a busy business owner, the waters can easily sweep you away from what you are supposed to be doing.

It Is Okay To Let It Go

If social media is taking up too much of your time, then spend less time on it. This does not mean that you should let your account go unattended for months at a time, but do you really need to post to it ten or more times every day? Instead of focusing on quantity, try posting fewer items but focusing on quality posts that will truly engage and provoke interest from your followers. This strategy can be highly effective, so feel confident in the idea that it is okay to post less.

Hire a Social Media Professional                                            

A social media professional can either guide and educate you about managing your own social media profiles, or they can take over the management of your social media profiles, including developing posts and responding to enquiries.

Hiring social media managers can even involve the translation of your posts into different languages. While you may not be skilled in translation yourself, hire a person who speaks your own language and the language of your customers. Yes, you can have a Facebook or Twitter account for your business in Spanish, or French, or Mandarin!

Focus Your Efforts

Instead of spending all of your time on various social media profiles, target your efforts to one or two platforms – and do it well! Learn about your target market, and the social media platforms that appeal best to them, and that also showcase your business the best. While it may be emotionally challenging to let an account be closed after you spent so much time and energy establishing it, this might be the best step in ensuring you can manage your social media effectively. If you are going to do social media right, you will need the time to invest into it first!

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