No Hikes in Translation Fees - Gorslas Demand

By Slava
Aug 24, 2011 · 3 min

According to translations news we get to know that the council of members with the GWENDRAETH Valley community doesn’t approve much of the professional translations services. Not after there has been a spiraling cost attached to it, up to twenty percent on translations says experts. Needless to say, this wasn’t taken too easily by the Gorsla community council, whose angry reactions post the Menter Cwm Gwendraeth, which is a public enterprise for professional translations on a real time basis hikes the rates. The rates previously for translations services was £50 per meeting and now it is £40 per hour, says translations news. They say on an average the council meeting can last between ninety minutes to a good two hours. Elfryn Williams, one of the clerks with the council opines that there is an annual expense of around £880 to cover translations costs for all its meetings. The bill last year for the same was £550. Terry Davies, another councilor with the board claims and to quote “We have never been asked to pay by the hour before, but by the session. This will lead to a massive price rise.” Terry further adds, “"I would be bitterly disappointed to discover that Menter Cwm Gwendraeth are looking to make money from this - £80 for a single council meeting is a lot. We have a responsibility to look at our budgets." As told to translations news. This is a very justified statement by the councilor, since the Welsh public would question them for the expenses at a later stage and their credibility for the same would be tarnished for showing the amount of unnecessary expenses they would put in the name of professional translations services. To this councilor Ellis David opines and to quote, "If the rise was somewhere in line with inflation it would be one thing, but a rise of 60 percent is just wrong." As told to translations news, which again is a justified fight since the public would now ask them more questions on the kind of expenses incurred, to which they would have to have valid justifications as answers to cool the anger of the masses. The anger of the councilors was more fueled when they saw that most of the professional translations expenses were actually used for the translations machines and equipments bought for the job of well serviced translations assignments, says translations news. Councilor Terry Davies goes on to comment and to quote “"As far as I am aware, the equipment used by Menter Cwm Gwendraeth was paid for with a grant from the Welsh Assembly Ð that is tax-payers money," as told you the translations news teams. Cllr Terry Davies further adds "This service is meant to promote the use of the Welsh language, not help someone make a profit. "I think it is important for Menter Cwm Gwendraeth to explain exactly why there is such a huge rise in their costs." So much for professional translations, what use is it then when the passion is not there and the job is done only to earn a quick buck!!

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