Multilingual AdWords translation

By Slava
Feb 20, 2011 · 3 min
AdWords is the advertising platform of Google. It places relevant ads besides search results and also contextually targeted 3rd party web pages. Those choosing to advertise through AdWords pay on the basis of pay per click (PPC) or on per sale basis which Google passes on to the publishers enrolled in the AdSense campaign minus a commission. There are many advantages to Google AdWords campaign like ability to reach wide geographically targeted audience, low cost per lead etc. Google claims their ads are seen by over 80% of internet users. It can be a source of profitable leads, as well as a source of cost-effective market intelligence. One can test the waters without much expense to find out if it is the right tool that meets the goal. One of the reasons for success of Google AdWords campaign is its multilingual search feature. This allows those looking for a product or service to type in the keyword in the language of their choice. Multilingual AdWords campaigns would require the services of professional translation services which provide AdWord translation and can ensure the most appropriate keywords in the local language which a potential buyer is likely to use. Literal translation of phrases is often a failure as they may not be the right keyword that a buyer may key in. It is also important to use the correct lingo in the targeted language while creating ads in pay per click advertising campaigns. Often the ad space is small and within that space the most appropriate phrases have to be inserted in order to convince a potential customer to visit your website. With the rising use of mobile phones, the Google Adwords campaign has extended to this medium too. Many online advertising companies also provide mobile search advertising services in multiple languages. The landing pages of websites have to be in the same language as the keyword search for a successful marketing campaign. One of the drawbacks of Google AdWords campaign is that Google only provides the platform and assistance of third party service providers is often required for a beginner to successfully integrate it with his/her company’s own marketing strategy. It may also include availing the services of professional translation companies for carrying out multilingual campaigns. To assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in exporting their product or services, Google has created Google Export Advisor in association with private service providers. . It has bundled a host of paid services like business opportunity finder, website translation, keywords and ads in the target language, prepaid advertising through Google AdWords, and membership to for marketing products in a single package. Thus multilingual Google AdWords campaign can be a powerful and yet cost effective tool for small and medium size companies looking to explore foreign markets.

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Oct 3, 2016 · 3 min

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