Machine Translator Detector or Is It Google?

By Slava
Feb 7, 2011 · 2 min
Machine translation like Google Translate became a very popular translation tool.In some cases machine translation can help read and understand the general meaning of a short text.  When it comes to professional translation only human that understands what the text is about can get the job done right.Famous examples (which are already hard-coded in Google Translate) are “The bird flies like a bat” which can be understood in several ways by a machine. Obviously the quality of machine translation is far from acceptable for professional use. In order to find if a machine translation has been used One Hour Translation developed the Machine Translator Detector, which is freely available at Using The MTD anyone can now easily check if the translation he received was done by a machine. You can try it yourself using the MTD web-site. Simply enter the source text you have and the translation you received and click Compare. The system automatically detects the source and target languages, compares the text to machine translation and provides match score that indicates if machine translation was used. The translation is compared to Google Translate, Bing Translation and Yahoo Babelfish. Please note that for short text (few words) the machine translation may actually match a human translation. One Hour Translation only works with professional human translators of course, and it uses the MTD engine as one of the standard tools that verifies translation quality. You can read the review about the service done by Global by Design, And try it yourself here You are also invited to LIKE us on Facebook here:

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Oct 3, 2016 · 3 min

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