Introverts Are Often Very Successful People - Part 1

By Stacey
Jun 11, 2015 · 3 min

It’s more believable to say that an extrovert would be more successful in business, and in life, than an introvert.

Introverts Are Often Very Successful People - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

It’s more believable to say that an extrovert would be more successful in business, and in life, than an introvert. Let’s face it, they’re obviously more outgoing and friendly; they’re usually the ones who will speak up or answer questions; and they generally communicate very confidently. But let’s have a look at this statement. Yes, an extrovert is confident and outgoing, but there are actually several reasons that show introverts as being more successful, in general.

Introverts Are Usually Very Good Listeners

We know that most introverts are very quiet, unassuming people; particularly when they’re part of a group of people. So, if they’re part of a group of people, what are they doing? They’re listening! Introverts have the ability of being in a large group of people with different conversations occurring at the same time and being able to tune into any conversation. So, it follows that if you’re looking for someone who’s capable of listening carefully and thoroughly to what others are saying, then you’re looking for an introvert. Translators are very often introverts, because this type of personality is well suited to the life of a freelance translator.

They’re Careful Planners

An introvert would never jump into something without thinking. They’re a naturally cautious breed, particularly when it involves any type of risk. An introvert will plan well-ahead to ensure that there are no negative surprises in store for them down the track. This is a very positive trait in business when you’re looking for people who plan ahead, exercise caution, and display obvious wisdom. In the translation industry these strengths are exactly what make a great translator.

An Introvert is Extremely Observant

Basically, by nature an introvert is forced to become observant: they’re very mindful of their immediate environment and what’s occurring around them; plus they’re able to quickly see the successes and mistakes of other people. And of course they have great listening skills, so they’re skilled at knowing what to do, and what to avoid doing, in order to achieve success.

They’re (Painfully) Self-Aware

We know that introverts are extremely self-aware and they’re always mindful of the way others might perceive them or their behaviour. Introverts would love to be taken seriously and because of this they’re overly careful about how they present themselves. It’s highly unlikely that an introvert would ever participate in any activity that might embarrass themselves or anyone they work for.

They Watch Their Words

You won’t find an introvert casually jumping into a public conversation. Introverts are always listening and carefully considering what could (or should) be said during a conversation. If they were forced to enter a conversation without any notice they would more than likely stumble over their words.

Introverts are very selective about the words they use, so when an introvert is speaking you know that they’re very carefully considering the words they use and hoping that, when they do have an opportunity to speak, they’ll be communicating something of importance.

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