How Our World Is Getting Smaller

By Stacey
Feb 20, 2015 · 3 min

The world we live in is getting smaller and becoming more connected for the everyday person.

How Our World Is Getting Smaller | One Hour Translation

A few decades ago, travelling overseas or communicating with people who speak a different language was not part of everyday life. Today though, countries and communities around the world are becoming more connected. Travel is more affordable and accessible, and businesses and operating on a global scale, irrespective of how large they are.

Technology and new transport options contribute to the accessibility of different locations, and are helping our world become smaller. Another country can only be a few hours away on a plane, or a few time zones away via e-mail or Skype, which means that new opportunities are becoming available to make new friends, start new careers, and visit new places - especially with the help of translation.

Careers and Business

There are many new opportunities for businesses, including small translation businesses, to work with people from different countries. Product developers are constantly looking to China for the manufacturing of their goods, and India and the Philippines offer outsourced workers for writing, website and app development, administration and customer service.

New career paths are also becoming available for individuals wishing to conduct business in foreign countries, work with minority cultures, volunteer for a foreign cause, teach English as second language, or invest in foreign markets.

Students studying in school at the moment may be preparing themselves by learning a second language or studying international business, because they can see the world is becoming smaller and more connected. Respect for and knowledge of different cultures and languages is and will continue to be a highly desirable characteristic of a potential employee.

Travel and Tourism

Travelling to another country for work or recreation is also becoming easier, as airlines are offering discounted flights and tour providers are targeting backpackers and student travellers who have limited funds to spend. Getting a job overseas, even for a short time, is easier with agreements between countries to support working holiday visas, and businesses are learning they can obtain workers who are eager to find a job to finance them while they travel around.

Tourism used to be restricted to the wealthy, but it is now possible for young people to explore and learn overseas, and there are many opportunities available for them to do just this. There are now companies that specialise in supporting a person in travelling abroad, and the Internet is rich with forums, websites and blogs about the best places to see, stay and eat, when you do not have much money to your name.

The new ease of international travel, jobs, friendships and business relationships, is helping our world to understand itself better. Communities are becoming more dependent on each other, and connected through shared ventures; and individuals who are interested in exploring new and exciting places can realise that doing so is entirely possible.  

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