How to Manage your Time in Professional Translation?

By Slava
Jun 20, 2009 · 3 min

Professional translation is pretty much a complicated task. It requires a lot of things from the translator's end. So how translators should manage their time?

  • They should remember to be organized. This is very helpful, especially in case of really big human translation projects that pour in really good income. You should know when and where to start. It also helps if you will follow a timeline so as to ensure that the quality of your translation service is not sacrificed.
  • They should set an estimate segment or number of words that could be finished in a day. This way, you will see clearly when you need to work extra harder in case you fell short of what you expected to finish on a particular day to make it to the deadline.
  • They should be realistic. Being strict to follow deadlines has so much to do with the promise of a good career in professional translation. That's why you must never give your client any false hope as to when you will be able to turn in the project just so you could impress him. Give a realistic deadline, which you are sure you can work around with and stick to it. It pays to be honest in this job on human translation, you know.
  • They should not be afraid to seek help from the tools that aid human translation. Saving on your professional translation time and costs could be possible if you know the tools that could help make your life easier as a translator and how to use them well. A good translation tool is useless if you won't be able to use it properly. Remember that the tools are there to help manage your time as a translator. If they are making any kind of disturbance in your workflow, it would be better to drop them.
  • They should know that it pays to communicate well with the client. A close contact with your client can make or break your professional translation service. It will save you a lot of time and effort if you already know, right from the start, the requirements of your project and the expectations of your client. Human translation is not so hard a job if you are not guessing half the time what you are supposed to be aiming for.
  • They should know that their survival in the professional translation field speaks a lot about how they can move on from one project to another. So make the transition always smooth.
  • They drop everything that may infringe their productivity. Be sure that when you are working on a professional translation project, your heart and mind is into it. Your full attention and your time is required to make sure that you won't just be turning in the translation service on time but also of the highest standard of quality.

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