Details on the Most Spoken Languages in the World

By Slava
Aug 1, 2010 · 3 min
Language is the most basic function that every human being has to know in order to communicate with others. This explains the need for professional translation services. As many as six thousand languages are currently being spoken in different corners of the globe today. Every region has a distinct and peculiar official language that is spoken by the locals. Every language has its own sub language which can further be classified into dialects. In spite of this diversity, there are a few selected languages which are widely used all over the globe. Statistically, any language which is used by a million people or more is termed as a most spoken language. These languages are determined with the help of numerous surveys in different areas. In all there are approximately 200 such languages which fall under the category of most spoken languages. Of course, there are some which are more widespread than the others. The knowledge of these central languages is necessary for anybody who travels to or deals with people from foreign neighborhoods.  People who are not acquainted with these languages can seek the services of any professional translation service. Following are a list of the most spoken languages. Most of us are of the opinion that English is the most spoken language all over the world. Surprisingly, it is Mandarin Chinese which is spoken by 1151 million people all over the world as compared to English which is used by 1000 million people. Mandarin Chinese is mainly spoken in regions of China, Taiwan and Malaysia while locals of USA, Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand speak in English. It is these two languages which every translation agency must specialize in. Next comes the Spanish which us spoken by 500 million people all over the world. Mexico and Spain are the places where this language is most used. The fourth place for the most spoken language in the world is taken by Hindi which is the language of people in India. This language is spoken by 490 million people. 277 million people of the world converse in Russian which makes it the fifth most spoken language in the world. Obviously, this language is used mostly in Russia. The next most spoken language is Arabic in the sixth place with 255 million speakers, Portuguese on the seventh with 24 million, Bengali as the eighth with 215 million, French ninth with 200 million and Malay or Indonesian as it is commonly referred to as on the tenth position with 175 million speakers. Following this is the German language which is spoken by 166 million people in Germany, central Europe and Austria. Japanese is the next most spoken language with 132 million people using it, most of them in Japan. Persian or Farsi is the thirteenth most spoken language. The recorded number of people who use this language for communicating is 110 million. Urdu holds the fourteenth place and has most of the speakers in India as well as Pakistan. The total number of people in the world who speak Urdu is 104 million. Punjabi is the next most spoken language that stands at the fifteenth place. The people who make use of this language are mainly concentrated in Pakistan and India. The number of these people totals up to 103 million. All the translation agencies make sure that they have professionals who can effectively translate in these main languages.

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Oct 3, 2016 · 3 min

The translation industry is a relatively small one but it’s also a highly competitive one. Basically, do your research on a translation agency prior to making initial contact and it will certainly pay off; perhaps not immediately because there may not be any work available at the time, so just be patient. Your application must stand out above the rest, and by following these simple steps you should have no problem whatsoever in achieving your translation goals.