Denmark’s Main Industries

By Stacey
Jul 23, 2013 · 2 min

Denmark has a thriving industrial base composed of traditional and modern businesses ranging from old-school shipping to alternative energy.

One friend is set to move to Denmark, purely out of curiosity, and I persuaded her that she needed to do some homework first – practical stuff like the job situation, property values, and the industrial base to the country. After all, if you can’t find work or afford a place to live your experiment in being a citizen of the world is going to end in failure.


Denmark was the ancient home base of the Vikings, after all, so it’s no surprise that shipping is one of its main industries. If you take a look at a map, you’ll see why this was inevitable: Denmark is a small country that has an incredible amount of sea coast. There are so many ports available to this tiny country no wonder shipping is in its blood! In fact, Danish sea trade makes up a hefty 10% of the world’s shipping. That’s huge.

One other reason for this concentration on shipping is likely the small size of Denmark; they need to import an incredible amount of natural resources to keep their country running. Japan is in a similar position. Luckily for my friend, Denmark is very enlightened, and women are quite welcome in the shipping industry. In fact, there is even an official organisation tasked with making women feel welcome in what is traditionally a male purview.

Alternative Energy

Also not surprising: Denmark is at the cutting edge of alternative energy, with the Wind Energy industry already providing 20% of the energy need of the entire country. While many other nations around the world have implemented wind turbines as a sustainable way of generating electricity, Denmark was one of the first, beginning in the early 1970s when the first Oil Crisis saw oil and gas prices soaring, and Denmark has committed to the idea in a way that few other nations have.

This is not only a great business to be in if you’re a “world citizen” it’s also a great business, period, as Denmark exports almost half of the power generated by Wind Farms to other nations.


Getting back to the traditional we have a small but powerful manufacturing sector in Denmark. Due to the Wind Power industry, in fact, Denmark is one of the few leading manufacturers of Wind Turbines, and many of the Wind Farms being built around the world are using Danish components.

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