Be Wise with Your Time

By Stacey
Jun 13, 2014 · 3 min

The secret to success and happiness is having a time management plan that maximises your efficiency.

Be Wise with Your Time | One Hour Translation

Life is all about time management. That’s not just an idle comment for me – I mean it. I believe the secret to life is managing your time. As the old saying goes, time is the one thing they’re not making more of. You may not know how long your life on this planet will be, but you certainly know it’s not going to be forever, so time is your most important and most valuable asset.

The place to start managing your time better is in your work, because you have to make a living – so making that living in less time will leave you more time in which to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you enjoy your work as much as I enjoy translation services, you may question just how much time management you really need to apply to your life, but I still think you can benefit from better time management no matter what your life goals happen to be. More time is more opportunity. Here are a few things I’ve learned about using your time more wisely.

Time Management Tips

  1. Get more sleep. In my youth I made the common mistake of trying to get back more time for myself by reducing my sleeping hours, regarding those unconscious moments as wasted. This is counter-productive because it leaves you groggy and unable to concentrate. Instead, get more sleep and you’ll be able to use your conscious time better.
  2. Have a plan. There’s a stigma associated with planning your time too closely – you’re considered uptight and boxed-in. But having a clear idea how you will utilise your time every day means you’ll get more done and have more free time overall as opposed to ‘winging it.’ My productivity in my translation work exploded when I started plotting out a schedule for each day, trust me.

Touch Things Once

Here’s my big secret, though: Touch Things once. That means that once you begin a project or a task, finish it. Don’t go halfway and then walk off for a few hours, days, or weeks while you half-finished a dozen other things. See every task all the way through.

This gains you time because every time you abandon a task, even briefly, you have to get back up to speed when you resume it. This costs you time, time that adds up. By eliminating this waste, your efficiency will skyrocket, trust me. It also means that unpleasant tasks you’d rather not do get finished up right away and don’t lurk, forgotten, only to rise up suddenly and disrupt your schedule at the worst possible time.

Of course, everyone has to find their own way of managing their time – but no matter how you approach it, having a time management plan is essential to your overall success and, dare I say it, your happiness.

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