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How it works

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We support almost all file types, but if you still have doubts simply contact our 24/7 support team for assistance. Once you've uploaded your document, the system will do an automatic word count.


The number of words in a scanned documents or image cannot be counted automatically.

In this case you can either enter the number of words or send us the document to be counted using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.

Need it even faster?

If you need the translation ASAP, you can split the files into several projects so that several translators can work in parallel. Alternatively, contact our support and we will help you split a large file into several projects so we can meet your deadline.

Choose the nature of your materials, e.g. legal, technical etc. We have expert translators that specialize in each of the different fields.

For example, a legal translator will have legal background, experience and education, in addition to being a professional translator.

Finally, click "Translate Now!"

NOTICE that the price and time estimates are updated automatically according to the word count of the document(s).

The following screen asks if you require additional proofreading. Additional proofreading is done by a second professional translator, independent of the first.

We recommend adding proofreading for marketing and printed material, website and translations of applications, as well as in cases where you have no one who can re-read the text in the target language.

Your final detailed quote:

If you are a new customer, please provide your name and email, and we will generate a password that will be emailed to you together with your account details.

Once you have registered or entered your account details, you may pay using any credit card or Paypal.

Your project will be launched once we have receive the payment. Our system will allocate the most suitable translator/s to your project. Translators typically start working within one business hour - in their country.
All of our translators are native speakers and most live in their native country, e.g. Japanese translators, are Japanese and live in Japan.

How long does the translation take?

Once started, a professional translator translates approx. 200 words an hour and about 1800 words a day. To get projects done faster, we can allocate more than one translator per language.

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