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Customer Story - BlueSnap
Leore Jacobs, Project Manager
BlueSnap is a global e-Commerce solutions provider that builds and manages online businesses for thousands of software publishers, web hosting companies, and online retailers. BlueSnap used One Hour Translation to localize their platform. BlueSnap...
Customer Story - Payoneer
Michael Levine, CFO
Payoneer is a global payments company that integrates the professional translation services of One Hour Translation to support their own growing need for multilingual translation services.Payoneer allows organizations to pay large numbers of people...
Customer Story - The ZAP Group
Jonathan Abratt, Director
The Zap Group develops mobile applications and specializes in mobile eCommerce solutions. Among its products are QR Droid (Android), Zapper Scanner (iOS) and ZapZap.mobi (Android and iOS). Jonathan Abratt uses One Hour Translation to localize Zap...
Customer Story - Under.me
Dudi Balsar, Founder and CEO
Under.me is an eCommerce site for undergarments inspired and designed by Bar Refaeli. Under.me uses the One Hour Translation website translation solutions to translate its eCommerce website to 10 languages.
Customer Story - MapAtlas.org
Ariel Hochstadt, VP of Marketing
MapAtlas.org aims to bring maps to markets that are less exposed to quality content in the mapping arena. MapAtlas.org is delivering maps in 11 languages, using One Hour Translation solutions. Established in 2011, MapAtlas collected more than 8...
Company: PYA Solutions
Company: International Paper
Company: Runbox
Company: Nette
Company: BDO
Company: Wells Fargo
Company: BalaBit
Company: Unibank
Company: Fishing Cactus
Company: Blackstone Media Group
Company: GL Group
Company: KuBra
Customer Quote - Funguy Studio
Sean Dirk Hammond, Executive Producer
One Hour Translation has continued to be a brilliant quality service with none-other then the best response rate. We will definitely be continuing to use your service for our future needs, when required. Thank you for maintaining this top quality...
Customer Quote - DIP Tech
Devorah Serkin, Marketing Coordinator and Media Relations
We have been very pleased with the work until now, and I am sure this will just make go even more smoothly now.
Dmitry Yumashev, R&D
Would definitely use your service again and recommend it to friends/colleagues -- great work guys!
Customer Quote - SVF Group
Deb Sotelo, Director of Human Resources
Yes, the service was quick, easy to use and good quality. I definitely plan on using it again and will recommend it to others.
Customer Quote - Ed Fund
Robert Bunce, Program Director
I found your service very easy to use. Your website was easy to navigate, understand, and upload files. I was surprised to at how affordable the job was going to be and how quickly the site said it was going to be completed. I was even more...
Customer Quote - Cambrige Health Alliance
Fernando Gargano, Manager
Your company is truly, truly amazing. All good here. 
Customer Quote - König Research
Anca König, Associate Consultant
I was honestly impressed by your services, the dynamics and the interactivity. You have a very exciting website! I really hope we will have further occasions to collaborate.
Customer Quote - Fishdog Apps
Dave Peterson, Developer
Thank you, I appreciate your help! Your company provides a great service, and I'm generally impressed with the fast turnaround from the translators.
Customer Quote - Assist Card
Gonzalo López, Service Provider Analyst
My manager is delighted with your service! Great communication, your website is friendly and easy to use, the service given by our translator (Miguel) was superb!
Customer Quote - LBL Lighting
Joshua Weiss, President
Actually I have to admit that I was extremely impressed and 100% satisfied with your service (better than satisfied really). I e-chatted with one of your customer reps late last night, submitted the text and it turned around in less than the...
Customer Quote - Numbuster
Evgeny Gnutikov, COO
We were really excited using your service for our mobile app called "NumBuster!" (available at Google Play & Windows Phone Store ) to translate its interface on almost 15 languages. What can I say about OHT service: - It was dramatically fast -...
Customer Quote - Oriflame Sweden
Patrik Jochnick, Sales Controller
Great. Overall, very content with the end result, however the user experience and customer service was at a high level from first point of contact until completion of task.
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