Website Translation (WeST) - Implementation guide

Sep 12, 2013 · 1 min


Website Translation -Getting Started

On the next screen:

  • Enter “Project name” and “Website Domain”
  • Select Translation type : “Human” or “Machine”
  • Select website current language and the languages you wish to translate the website to (target language or “Supported Languages”). You can add more than one target language
  • Click “Submit”

Website Translation Settings Page

You will be forwarded to the localization center


  • Click “Get Code” to get the localization code

Website Translation - Get Localization Code

  • Implement the localization code at the footer of every page of your website that you want to be localized just before the </body> tag
  • As soon as you refresh your website all text will be aggregated in the Localization center
  • Go back to the Localization center
  • Make sure that the check box next to the text from your website is checked

website localization - translation page

  • Scroll The localization page down and click the “Translate” button

Website Localization - Translate Button

  • All the text will be sent for translation and your site will shortly be available in the new language

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