Twitrans-Translate Your Tweets to Any Language by Human Translators

September 11th, 2013

How it works:

    * Send @twitrans tweets like: en2sp I can now tweet you in Spanish! When are you coming for a visit in New York?
    * Wait a few minutes. While you wait we route your text to our translators at our translation service, One Hour Translation
    * Get the translation back in your Twitter home page: twitrans @twitter ¡Ya puedo decirte pío pío en español!¿Cuándo vendrás de visita a Nueva York?
    * To get more help, please send @twitrans help or @twitrans codes.
    * Available language codes: Arabic-ar, Chinese-zh, Dutch-nl, English-en, French-fr, German-de, Greek-el, Hebrew-he, Hindi-hi, Italian-it, Japanese-jp, Portuguese-pt, Russian-ru, Spanish-es.
    * Follow us on Twitter @OHT


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