Elite Translators Program

The Elite Translators Program is suitable for certified OHT translators who translate 10,000 words or more per week, and work full time with OHT.

  • No need to "chase" projects.
  • Allocation to top exclusive customers with projects that match your skills.
  • Additional perks from time to time.
  • Guaranteed volume, plus if you can do more you will get more.
  • Working with the same site rates or better.
  • Working on big, interesting accounts and getting to know them closely.

Want to join us as an Elite Translator? You need to:

  • Provide top quality translations.
  • Be responsive and available.
  • Update your OHT profile to include contact details (mobile, skype etc.).

Upon entering the program, you will be asked to:

  • Sign our full-time freelancer agreement.
  • Join a short video conference call to meet your dedicated focal point at OHT.

If you have any additional questions on the full-time freelancers program, please contact us at