Website Translation Guide for Translators Using InContext

Sep 12, 2013 · 1 min
  • When a WeST project is initiated the source section of the project page will consist of a full list of URLs/ webpages to be translated.

Translation Project Page

  • To start working on a WeST project you will need to "accept" it as any other translation project
  • As soon as the translation start you will need to click on the URL to be translated. You will need to follow the links one by one to complete the translation
  • You will be redirected to the InContext translation environment which will show the original website
  • Within the InContext view, click a sentence or paragraph to open it in the InContext translation bar

InContext header Translation

  • Translate the text and click "Save" to save the translation
  • Now click on the next sentence and repeat the 2 previous steps until the whole page is translated

When translating lower sections of the page, the InContext editor can be placed on the bottom (default mode) or the top of the screen (click the "Editor to top" link)

InContext editor at top of screen

To review the complete page the InContext editor can be minimized by clicking the "Switch to normal mode"

InContext in Normal mode

You are welcome to watch this short video guide for InContext translation


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