Translator Guidelines- Updated:10.8.2015

Aug 10, 2015 · 3 min
Translator Guidelines- Updated:10.8.2015 | One Hour Translation
OHT Translators,
Thank you for being a part of our translators community. 
As we expand and add new translators daily, we would like to clarify our translator guidelines.
Please read and follow the guidelines.
Thank you for your cooperation.

OHT Translator Guidelines:

  1. The translation has to sound natural in the target language. Use “freestyle translation” if needed.
  2. Read the instructions carefully and follow them.

  3. We encourage you to communicate directly with the customer via the discussion board on the project page.

  4. Use professional language when communicating with customers.
    If you have issues with a customer please contact us directly.

  5. Do not work with customers outside the system. We will not pay you if the customer does not pay, and we will not be able to solve disputes.
    Furthermore this is a violation of the terms of use, which will lead to you being banned from our system.

  6. Never use machine translation such as Google Translate.

  7. Never outsource the translation to someone else.

  8. You may use your TMs where relevant.

  9. Use the OHT Workbench (which is like an online Trados) where available.

  10. We will always pay for a good translation done in good faith, even if the customer does not pay for whatever reason.

  11. We will not pay for translation that sounds incorrect/non-native in the target language, or is unprofessional (e.g. inaccurate translation due to misunderstanding the source), nor for translation that does not follow the project requirements, nor for a translation that was outsourced.

  12. We protect our translators and take care of their interests. Note that the customer sees the translator name, and may choose to publish good or bad reviews online according to the translation quality.

  13. OHT reserves the right to publish reviews about good/bad translators as it sees fit.

  14. Note that some translation projects are delivered directly to the customer. Before signing off you must verify that the translation is complete, clear of typos and spelling mistakes, accurately translates all of the source text and meets the project requirements.

  15. Signing a project means that you are personally guaranteeing that you have completed the project to the highest quality standards, as specified.

  16. Almost every translation has a bonus part; the bonus will be paid for perfect translations only.

  17. Please note that, assuming you do a great job, the more you work with OHT the bigger and better the projects you receive will be.

  18. Our top translators also get to be selected by our enterprise customers as preferred translators for their projects, which provides a guaranteed volume of work.

  19. Before accepting the project check that the language pair and word count are correct, that the source file has no issues and that the project is categorized under the correct translation level. By accepting the project you confirm all of the above and commit to the deadline.
  20. Be Professional, be Proud of your work and most of all have Fun!
    At OHT we do whatever we can to make our translators happy!(:

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