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Translation Process


What is the "Exclusive EST" feature?

In cases when a project is reserve for a customer's preferred translator, the translator can use this feature to indicate in how many hours he will be available to start the translation. Once a translator submits his EST (Estimated Starting Time) , a message is automatically sent to the customer, informing him of the translator's suggested timeframe. Few important notes to take into account: ... Continue

How do I handle transcription projects?

We offer our customers the Transcription service for audio/video files. Transcription projects are available to translators like any other project. When accepting a transcription job, the translator commits to submitting a transcript of the audio/video file in a Microsoft Word document within the time frame allotted. For these projects, five minutes of transcription time is allotted per audio/video minute. Payment for transcription projects is calculated at $0.99/minute of audio or video. The transcript should be submitted in the same language as the source audio/video. ... Continue

What is API?

Many of our customers use API, a plug-in system that allows customers to send their source documents directly from their systems, without going through the project submission process on our homepage. Translations for API projects are sent back and integrated directly into the customer's system, meaning the first draft of such translations must be perfect. Second drafts, revised material, or corrections will not be accepted for API projects. ... Continue

What are GTM projects?

One Hour Translation is proud to provide translation services to Android developers directly through the Google Play developer console. GTM (Google Translation Management) projects are translation projects for such apps. As part of the new partnership, expert software translators will now be able to receive GTM projects. To do these projects, the translator will need to have a Gmail account, given that translations will be done on both the OHT platform and on GTM. ... Continue


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