Translation Process

What is the difference between the proofreading and editing project?

In a proofreading project, your task is similar to the editing one – you need to correct the text in your own language. It may be a monolingual proofreading, where the text you check and correct is not a translation and thus doesn’t have the original to check against it, or a proofreading of an already existing translation. If you proofread the already existing translation, please correct it, but do not comment on its quality unless the customer instructs otherwise. In many proofreading projects, the translation is made by the customers themselves.

What is an editing project?

The editing project means that the translator needs to check and correct the translation which is already done by another translator. On the project page of such project, you will see the Project Note, Original Documents and translation. You will need to check the translation against the source and correct all the mistakes found, considering the instructions in the Project Note.

What is Translators-OHT talk (TOT)?

If you need to discuss a certain project with our OHT Support, without involving the customer, you can contact us directly via your project page. TOT board (short for Translators-OHT talk) is designed specifically for this. OHT Support will also sometimes contact you there, and you will receive a notification once anything is posted. Please remember that messages on this board will be seen by you and OHT only. If you wish to discuss with the customer please use the General Discussion board just below the TOT.

What is the "Exclusive EST" feature?

In cases when a project is reserved for a customer's preferred translator, the translator can use this feature to indicate in how many hours he will be available to start the translation. Once a translator submits their EST (Estimated Starting Time), a message is automatically sent to the customer, informing him of the translator's suggested timeframe. A few important notes to take into account:

How do I handle transcription projects?

We offer our customers the Transcription service for audio/video files. Transcription projects are available to translators like any other project. When accepting a transcription job, the translator commits to submitting a transcript of the audio/video file in a Microsoft Word document within the time frame allotted. For these projects, 7 and a half minutes of transcription time is allotted per audio/video minute. Payment for transcription projects is calculated at $1.20/minute or $1.80/minute of audio or video, depending on the language.

What is API?

Many of our customers use API (application programming interface), a plug-in system that allows customers to send their source documents directly from their systems, without going through the project submission process on our homepage. If a project is submitted via API, you will see it from the project note or the project page (it will be slightly different from a regular one).

How can I get more translation projects?

To put it simply, the more projects you do, the more projects you get. Our system is designed to reward translators for completing translation projects and receiving good feedback from customers by granting them higher priority on new projects that become available. At the same time, it is important to remember that the number of the project available in the system depends on the customer's demands. Therefore and the more projects are there in the system, the more you will be able to work on.