Translation Quality

Sep 12, 2013 · 3 min

When it comes to translation services, we know that quality is the most important factor – you want your translation work fast, and you want it affordably, but more than anything else you want it to be accurate, fluent, and to not read like a translation. How do we guarantee quality translation here at One Hour Translation?

The People

It begins with the translation professionals we recruit and assign. We only work with certified translators who have established themselves as modern professionals in the field, familiar with the technology used today and comfortable with the breakneck pace of modern business translation needs. We need to know that the people on our staff can be thrown into a complex project without notice and perform optimally.

We’re also careful to assign only fluent native speakers of the target language to your projects. This ensures that the final written form of the translation flows, without the oddball or awkward construction that non-native speakers of even the highest level can sometimes introduce.

If your project involves technical knowledge or specific professional knowledge, we only assign Translators with relevant experience to do the work. We don’t take chances.

The Technology

There are two technological aspects to Quality Translation. Most important are communication technologies – you need to be able to transmit clear instructions and examples to our team at the outset of a project, and be able to contact them throughout to offer feedback or revised instructions. At the same time, our Translators may need to contact you to bring your attention to problems or ask simple questions. Keeping things on schedule means keeping everyone in touch.

Of nearly equal importance are the tools we give our Translators. At OHT we don’t care about platforms or philosophies, we care about getting your work done on time, on budget, and without error. From Translation Memory Cloud services to our proprietary InContext technology that allows our Translators to translate websites with all the formatting, design, and images in place, giving them all the context they need to make quick accurate decisions about the best way to translate your text – if a technology will help our clients, we’ve implemented it.

The Process

OHT believes that Process is King. You can’t simply unleash a horde of translation professionals – no matter how experienced, well-equipped, or well-trained – and hope for the best.

That’s why every project is reviewed by a second native-speaker in the target language after completion. The second reviewer looks for terminology errors, misinterpretations, grammar mistakes or even simply awkwardly composed sentences. They also keep an eye on consistent use of terminology and ensure that your formatting requirements have been observed.

OHT is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified translation company, and we bring that expertise to bear on every project we take on, large and small.

Our strict process means that even with your most urgent projects involving your messiest scanned-from-ancient-photocopies source materials, we can arrange the right people, using the right technology, organized by the ideal process – and perform above and beyond your expectations.

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