Translation Memory Cloud (TMC)

Sep 12, 2013 · 4 min

Translation Memory Cloud helps customers reduce translation cost and maintain consistency across translations.

Translation Memory Cloud technology is not new – it’s been around for years. But only recently are the clear benefits of this exciting technology becoming clear to both translation providers and their clients. Here at One Hour Translation we’re committed to any service, procedure, or technology that can benefit our customers. As a result of this commitment, we fully support Translation Memory Cloud technologies and implement them whenever they can be of service to our clients.

The benefits of leveraging Translation Memory Cloud technologies are clear:

Reduced Cost

Translation Memory involves creating and maintaining a database of previously translated sentences and phrases that can be re-purposed in subsequent translations. For example, is there any benefit to having a common phrase such as ‘Good morning’ freshly translated over and over again – and being charged for the work? Translation memory databases reduce costs because our certified translation professionals concentrate on the more challenging language that machine translation cannot handle.

Placing these Translation Memory tools in ‘the cloud’ means that every translated phrase stored in the database can be leveraged across the board by all of our translators, reducing costs across every project in those language pairs, not just one.

Translation Memory Cloud is not a single software product, but is a Cloud technology. This means it is largely network-driven and does not require that applications be installed on individual computers. This means that expensive licenses do not have to be purchased, as everyone on our team can log into a Translation Memory Cloud service from any computer, running any operating system or platform – and we can pass those software savings on to our clients.

Increased Reliability

Translation Memory Cloud technologies also increase the reliability of your translation work, because once a translation is correctly and effectively performed it is re-used, thus guaranteeing that it will always be correct. This ‘One and Done’ effect propagates to every translation project in that language pair, meaning that not only are turn-around times and costs reduced because our certified professionals are only translating the complex portions actively, it means that you can rely on these cloud-propagated elements to be rendered correctly – every time.

And because it’s a Cloud technology, we never have to worry about different software versions or upgrades breaking installations and causing downtime. All upgrades and security patches are applied to the Cloud software itself, instantly upgrading every user without a second of lost productivity. That translates to no missed deadlines.

Increased Consistency

Translation Memory Cloud has the additional benefit of removing the inconsistency that subtle variations can bring to a large-scale project, where two or three equally correct translations are rendered by three different professionals on a single phrase that is repeated. Instead of having a variety of inconsistent – if correct – translations, Translation Memory Cloud ensures that such translations are consistent throughout not only a single document, but entire projects and even over the course of several projects, giving our clients the ability to create and enforce a style guide for their translation work.

Increased Speed

Because our professional translation professionals are freed up from having to do the ‘scut work’ of common phrases and sentences, they can work through complicated translation projects very quickly. It’s often surprising how much of our written communications are ‘stock’ phrases used commonly in most written documents. Translation Memory Cloud technologies sweep away time-consuming basics and allow our elite certified translators to concentrate on the more complex language that requires an experienced human brain to translate correctly. This speeds up the process considerably, meaning One Hour Translation is better able to meet your deadlines and to offer accelerated turn-arounds.

Cumulative Benefit

One of the most exciting aspects of Translation Memory Cloud technologies is that their benefits are cumulative. While you’ll see an instant improvement in speed, reliability, and cost – these benefits will actually grow over time as the Translation Memory Cloud database is populated. More and more of your projects will be automatically translated using Translation Memory Cloud, narrowing our focus down to the detailed, technical, and personal language that no machine can possibly handle. This means that with every project One Hour Translation handles using a Translation Memory Cloud platform, we can be a little faster, a little more cost-effective, and a little more ... effortless.

Here at One Hour Translation we embrace any technology or strategy that can help us serve our customers better. Translation Memory Cloud platforms are one such technology we can apply to the appropriate projects. Contact us today to discuss how a Translation Memory Cloud approach can benefit you!

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