Translation API

September 12th, 2013

For technical information you may visit our translation API developer's guide  or download the guide

One Hour Translation’s Translation API allows organisations with high-volume translation needs to automate their workflows by integrating One Hour Translation’s top-notch translation services directly into their content management systems (CMS). The Translation API allows any organisation of any size to leverage One Hour Translation’s 15,000 certified translation professionals working in over 50 languages for any type of project: Blogs, advertising (such as an Adwords campaign), internal documentation for international companies, international customer support systems, SEO, or eCommerce solutions for a global market.

The Translation API is seamlessly integrated into your existing CMS and immediately offers the benefits of being able to automatically translate large volumes of material with little or no overhead, combined with the 24/7 access and support that One Hour Translation offers to all of its clients. The benefits of the Translation API are clear: It’s easy to implement and use, it’s fast, it’s cost-effective, and it scales to any capacity your organisation needs.


Once your CMS is integrated into our Translation API, there is no additional step. There is no need to log into anything, no need to upload or prep files. When text is added to the CMS, it is automatically uploaded to One Hour Translation and our certified translation professionals get to work, and the translated material is loaded back into the CMS – all behind the scenes.


Since your internal workflow remains unchanged, there is no further investment in extra staff or extra resources. Everything proceeds as it always has, and none of your employees have any additional duties as a result. The translation work happens the way it’s supposed to – like magic.


We’ll assist with the integration of our Translation API into your CMS – and we can work with just about any system you’re using. Once everything is set up, that’s it – no training is required, because everything is automatic.

High Capacity

The One Hour Translation Translation API is designed for high-capacity clients. Aside from the most cutting-edge and most stable technological backbone in the translation industry, we have over 10,000 certified translation experts standing on the other side of the curtain as well. We have no upper limits on the amount of text we can process – and no lower limit, either. Anyone who has regular content in need of translation can benefit from our Translation API.

One Hour Translation’s unique combination of technological savvy and an army of experienced translators makes it the ideal choice for any company or organisation in need of translation services. If your high-volume translation needs aren’t being met – or if you need faster, cleaner, easier service – One Hour Translation would love to sit down and discuss in detail how our Translation API can improve every aspect of your translation services experience.

You may visit our translation API developer's guide for more technical information or download the guide