Successfully scale internationally! Custom build and manage "MyTeam" of preferred translators & localization experts - for consistent and efficient project management.


Easily guide your selected translators

Two heads are better than one, so build your ideal team of translation and localization experts, and enjoy communicating your business’ needs to a group of dedicated professionals who know and understand your brand, its vision, mission and goals.

MyTeam Translators

MyTeam is YOUR dedicated team of highly rated, individually matched translators and localization experts.



Select YOUR team from a pool of translators and localization experts who best meet your business’ globalization needs, and who you’ve enjoyed working with in the past.



Communicate and guide YOUR team throughout the projects’ duration to ensure your goals are met.


Over time, YOUR MyTeam team will get to know you better, leading to better, more consistent and high quality content.


Myteam Popular Uses

Popular Uses

Website Translation Services

Website Translation

Choose from a pool of over 25,000 native translation and localization experts from all continents, ensuring you secure the right talent, for the right job.

Gaming Localization Services

Gaming Localization

Our industry-specific translation and localization experts will transform your gaming content to meet your target audience members in over 120 languages, with reference to 14 areas of expertise.

Ongoing Projects Translation

Ongoing Projects

Our intelligent allocation system automatically matches your project with the best-fit translation and localization experts, considering your industry and target audiences.

Marketing Content Translation

Marketing Content

Our professional network editors and in-house grammar experts ensure your content is best suited to attract, convert and retain new and existing customers, in their native languages and with respect to cultural nuances.


Full Customization

You can either ask us to build a team of translators according to your specific preferences or you can select translators, which you have enjoyed working with in the past. Communicate your stylistic guide or the glossary to your team and get your translated content just as you have envisioned. 


Translators who are part of your dedicated MyTeam will be the only ones that will have access to your projects (unless you decide otherwise).  They will better understand you, your business and your brand. Thus, the indicated linguistic style will be followed uniformly throughout your content, allowing for greater consistency.


Why waste your time looking for temporary translators for each new project? Communicate your preferences easily and at your convenience, gaining back the time and money lost on avoidable revisions.

Accumulating Benefits

Using some of the time that you saved by pre-selecting dedicated translators for each of your new projects, you are able to build a working relationship with your chosen team. Over time, they will better understand you, your business and your brand, and will deliver faster and more consistent quality of translations on all of your projects.

MyTeam Advantages

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