Translation Quality Assurance

One Hour Translation’s network of 25,000+ translators are carefully chosen to provide customers with the highest quality translations. Our thorough translation quality assurance process is conducted on all projects to ensure the best results every time.

Translation Quality Assurance

OHT’s Project Quality
Assurance Process

At OHT, every project is held to the highest professional standards. Completed projects will only be delivered after careful consideration for all of the customer’s needs.

OHT’s Project Quality Assurance Process

Translator Screening

All of our linguistic specialists receive their translator certification only after passing an exam and being reviewed by our staff.

Smart Project Allocation

We ensure that each project is allocated to the most qualified person for the job, based on translators’ experience and expertise. Qualified companies will also be assigned a dedicated team of translators to ensure consistency over multiple projects.

Automatic Status Monitoring

Once a project is submitted, our system automatically tracks the status and time to completion, and ensures the translation is sent back to the customer for final feedback.

Layers of Quality Approval

Our translators undergo regular evaluations that ensure they continue to meet OHT standards. If a customer chooses, an additional review by a Language Leader is available as an extra layer of QA.


After a project is thoroughly reviewed, we return the completed high-quality translation to the customer, who will then have the chance to request changes or improvements before closing their project.

Quality Translation Review

Every single OHT project is rated for quality using multiple parameters. This system ensures our translators
consistently perform at the high standards OHT has set for them.



We ensure that translators accurately preserve the meaning of the source text. All words and phrases should make sense



All text should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes, and the meaning should be clear



Translation fluently conveys the meaning of the original message, reads naturally, and uses a consistent tone that is compatible with the domain of the translation



Text follows client instructions throughout for all formatting, localization, and translation requirements

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