Glossary Management

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When it comes to the translation and localization of your business’ important and sensitive content, time is money and efficiency is key. We collect all your relevant acronyms, abbreviations and terms into a single, comprehensive glossary so your entire translation and localization team is on the same page.

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Glossary Management

Create a single, unified voice and consistent brand message, in every language

Ensuring your brand’s language and identity resonates in the same way with multiple target audiences and in multiple languages is critical to your success in new global markets. One Hour Translation’s Glossary Management technology protects the quality and consistency of your content in over 120 languages, while empowering all those who create content for your brand with the right words to get the message across, in any language.


Website Localization

Website Translation

Harness the full potential of an international online audience by delivering your brand’s message clearly and consistently in any language.

Social Games Translation

Video Games

Keep your video game’s plot cohesive and understood by all players and in all relevant languages. Our Glossary Management makes releasing frequent updates easy and efficient.

User Manuals Translations

Regulations and Manuals

Our Glossary Management ensures that your sensitive legal and technical content is always precisely translated and localized, so you and your customers are never caught in a bind.

Product Listings

Product Catalogues

Ensure strong brand recognition and identity in over 120 languages! Our Glossary Management ensures your promotional content is always on point in your customers’ native languages.


Advantages of Glossary Management


Glossary Management is a solution that eliminates uncertainty during the translation process by explicitly citing terms and defining certain translations. There will be no space for ambiguity in your text, allowing you to achieve a higher level of accuracy throughout your translation.


Managing your Glossary allows you to exercise consistency, resulting in a shorter turnaround time. By eliminating any doubt and confusion during the translation process, you will notice that both the overall accuracy and speed of your translation increase.


Creating your own Glossary provides a constant reference and is an effective tool for reliable and consistent translations. This allows for multiple translators to work on the same project (or projects with related content) at the same time, never compromising on quality.


Grow your brand awareness by making sure that your specific messaging is used throughout your translated content.

Advantages of Glossary Management
Cumulative Benefits

We provide you with better value for your business

We help you grow your brand awareness by making sure that your specific messaging is consistently used throughout your translated and localized content, leading to improved results for your bottom line.


We’re cost-effective

Our Glossary Management eliminates uncertainty during the translation and localization process by explicitly citing terms and defining certain translations - quickly and accurately, so you can avoid engaging in time-consuming, repetitive work.

Accessible Translation Services

We’re easy to use

Our network-driven Glossary Management enables simultaneous translation use by multiple MyTeam members, from their individual computers, operating systems, or platforms, and save products directly in the cloud.

Increased Readability

We increase your content’s readability

We create and enforce a lexicon of terms that are easy to read and understand in every language. Your international audiences will be drawn to your content and motivated by carefully selected words to click through and convert.

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