Glossary Management

Your text may contain acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations that can cause confusion or even frustration for translators, especially attempting to translate them without full understanding of their meaning. Equally, some words have multiple meanings depending on the context. “Monitor” for example can describe a device or a process of watching something over a period of time.

A glossary, sometimes referred as lexicon, term base or terminology collection, is a document that helps you to make sure that your translation is consistent and has the right terminology. The glossary contains your key terminology in your source language and the approved translation of it in the target language. It also may contain a context in which it should be used. Terminology management along with Translation Memory, are important tools to achieve effective and accurate translation.

We understand that consistency and accuracy are essential to the quality of the translation. By helping to eliminate uncertainty in the translation process, glossary management will ensure that the correct terms are being used within a translation. Using glossary management allows you to enforce consistency and shorten the time of your translation.