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Quick Facts

Translation starts within one business hour in the country where the translator lives.

Human translation speed is 200 words an hour, 2000 words a day per translator.

We can split a project between several translators, working in parallel for faster delivery.

Committed to deadlines - countdown timer shows when the translation will be delivered. 

A Faster Translation Experience


Human Translation

A professional translator translates on average 200 words an hour and about 2000 words a day. This is true across languages and regardless of where the translator is working.


Get It Faster

We have the capacity to split projects between several translators to get the translation done faster. Contact the support team for assistance in meeting your deadline.


Total translation time

Translation time is made of lead time, actual translation time, and the number of translators working in parallel. We can split a project between several translators in order to meet your deadline.


Why fast

At One Hour Translation we believe your time matters, and that in the age of the Internet, old inefficient process should not delay your business.


Why are we faster

One Hour Translation has streamlined the entire professional translation process, eliminating all delays.


Countdown timer

One Hour Translation has a unique countdown timer that shows when the translation will be delivered. 

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