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Hybrid Translation

We increase translation speed, maintain high quality, and reduce cost by performing human postediting on neural machine translations.
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Translation API

If you have a large volume of material, stored either in a content management system (CMS) or on your servers, that needs to be translated dynamically, our developer-friendly Translation API (application programming interface) is designed for you. With Translation API, you can send your source strings and documents directly and securely from your system, without going through the manual project submission process on our home page.
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Translation Memory Cloud

Translation memory stores previously translated common phrases and sentences, speeding up the translation process and saving you money. The cloud ensures that the cumulative benefits scale up fast and apply to all your projects.
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Glossary Management

A glossary, sometimes referred to as a lexicon, is a document that helps ensure your translation is consistent and uses the right terminology. The glossary contains your key terminology in the source language and its approved translation in the target language. It may also contain notes regarding the context in which it should be used.
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MyTeam is a dedicated team of highly rated, individually matched translators.
Select translators you were pleased with in the past and who best fit your requirements.
Communicate with and guide them before and during projects.
Over time, MyTeam gets to know you better, providing greater consistency and quality.
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At OHT, every enterprise translation project is examined by several professionals before being sent to the customer. We carefully screen and monitor our translators, review projects both manually and automatically, and provide additional proofreading as needed.
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One Hour Translation has streamlined the entire professional translation process, eliminating all delays. We have the capacity to split projects between several translators to get them done faster because we believe your time matters and that your business should not be slowed down by old, inefficient processes.
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