Translation & Localization Technology

Innovative technological solutions that enable unmatched translation and localization speed and accuracy, in over 120 languages.

Unmatched reliability & speed

Translation API

Say goodbye to manual and timely translation uploads. Our robust translation & localization API allows you to onboard source strings and documents from your content management system (CMS) or server to ours with ease. 

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Translation memory

No need to repeatedly translate reoccurring strings of text. Increase consistency and reduce cost with the help of our robust translation & localization memory. Our system memory stores previously translated phrases and sentences, providing for quick and easy retrieval. 

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Glossary management

Ensure translations remain consistent with your brand's tone and voice. Our advanced glossary management system allows you to formulate a glossary of preferred translation terms and phrases, for accurate and consistent translations - every time.

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advanced solutions

Translation management systems

For your convenience, we integrate with a large variety of translation management systems. Smartcat, Memesoource, and more choose your preferred TMS. 

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Localization Quality Assurance ( LQA )

Leading brands are using our advanced language technology

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