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website translation

Website Translation Can Be a Huge Asset to Your Business | One Hour Translation

Research shows that people are three times more likely to buy if the business concerned ‘speaks’ their language. Now, this information is enormous, because it tells you (as a business owner) how to expand your market. ... Continue

Is it possible to translate websites?

Yes. We provide website translation service to thousands of customers worldwide, including the world's leading companies. We have several attractive solutions for translating your website – easily and professionally: Option 1: Simply send us files with your website text and get them back in your desired target languages. Option 2: WeST – An advanced solution for localizing your website, and continuously maintaining it in several languages. To join WeST – click here. ... Continue

Website Translation Has Become Vitally Important for Businesses | One Hour Translation

In this globalized era that we live in, it’s become almost essential for businesses to have their website translated into a minimum of one other language, but preferably into several languages. This is becoming more and more important to all size businesses, whether they be small entrepreneurs, large customers or multinational corporations; basically anyone who wishes to sell their services or products to target audiences that were previously out of reach. ... Continue

Chinese intensifying e-commerce sales efforts | One Hour Translation

Chinese online merchants and e-commerce sites have significantly increased their sales efforts in English, Russian and Arabic speaking markets between 2014 and 2015, research by online translation agency One Hour Translation has found. ... Continue

website translation

Let’s begin this post by examining what localization actually means. Localization is the translation process of software or a website (such as Menu, Toolbars, Help, and so on) from one language to another language without altering the source codes. This process is carried out using CAT tools, which is specialized software for precisely this task. Many large companies, and indeed a lot of small to medium-sized companies, are today translating their websites into more than one language in order to attract overseas markets. This process is also known as Website Globalisation. ... Continue

website translation

From the moment this tool launched, millions of websites added this plug-in to their home pages. And Google’s work is still not finished: for the last few years Google has been working hard to improve this tool. ... Continue

website translation

When preparing a quote for a website translation the decisions we make are crucial to the final outcome in terms of both the quotation and the quality of the project. As an example, some companies use web developers who, once the material has been translated, load the translated material onto the new website; but other clients will depend on the translation agency to carry out this aspect of the project. ... Continue

website translation

Many large companies and organisations are in very competitive situations as technology improves at a dizzying rate. Yesterday’s channels of communication, like the mail service and the telephone, are quickly being left behind because, what matters today, and what works today, is all online. ... Continue

Survey: E-Commerce Websites Lose Customers Who Would Prefer Their Own Language | One Hour Translation

Thinking of cutting costs by skipping language specific versions of your website? Think again. A majority of consumers across 8 survey countries spanning the globe said they will bounce out of e-commerce websites that were unavailable in their native language. ... Continue

Survey: Only 40% of Consumers Trust Brands That Don't Translate | One Hour Translation

Only 40% of consumers trust companies that fail to translate their websites, applications and products. ... Continue


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