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translation tools

translation tools

Today, the translation world can now enjoy the many advantages of being connected to the Cloud. We know that many translators are resisting using these tools, but for those who have taken the plunge, it’s generally agreed that they can be of great assistance and will often accelerate the translation process. ... Continue

Survey: Businesses Take Note - More Than 80% of Consumers Can Differentiate Between Human and Machine Translation | One Hour Translation

More than 80% of consumers can tell the difference between a professional, human translation and translations offered by automated translation tools. ... Continue

Some of the most significant investments made by any translator, either novice or experienced, refer to the tools of the trade. ... Continue

Translation is a rewarding though sometimes wearisome test: whereas a bad translation is remembered a good one remains unnoticed and invisible. ... Continue

is mobile technology driving worldwide business

You might think that all I do is sit here and think about issues specifically related to medical translation or legal translation: engrossed in quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore. And very often you’d be right – that’s both what I enjoy and how I make my living. But because it is my living, I also spend a lot of time thinking of myself as a business, and thinking about how I can make that business run smarter, more efficiently, and, of course, more profitably. ... Continue

Free translation? Yes you heard that right! ... Continue

Trados is one of the most popular translation software tools with more than 170,000 users worldwide (as per company website). It has been in existence since 25 years having been founded by Trados GmbH in 1984 as a language service provider. ... Continue