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Hybrid Design and Mixing the Physical and the Digital | One Hour Translation

If you’re like me, you don’t think too much about design – the design of physical objects or the design of digital interfaces like our computer systems and gadgets. We should, however. Design touches all of our lives in good ways and bad. I think back to my youth when my parents got one of the earliest VCRs and my father spent hours trying to comprehend how to set the clock and set the timer to record programs – my brother and I found it easy enough, but looking back it wasn’t so much that my father wasn’t smart enough, it was that the design of the interface was horrible. ... Continue

Translation is a rewarding though sometimes wearisome test: whereas a bad translation is remembered a good one remains unnoticed and invisible. ... Continue

Prior to discussing the merits and pitfalls of utilizing translation memory software, it is imperative to understand precisely what this technology is able to do. For starters, translation memory or TM, is essentially a workable database of information relating to language. ... Continue

Today translation has turned out to be one of the key tools to have a better understanding of different cultures and in past couple of years has gained its recognition worldwide. ... Continue

Trados is one of the most popular translation software tools with more than 170,000 users worldwide (as per company website). It has been in existence since 25 years having been founded by Trados GmbH in 1984 as a language service provider. ... Continue

Computers are quite the popular assistant translation tools-particularly in the form of a translation software-in many a professional translation firm or individual translation service. ... Continue

Machine translation has a self-explanatory name; it's translation done by machines, particularly computer applications, in order to translate speech or text from one given language to another. ... Continue