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The World’s Ancient Languages - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

Other languages that fall into the category of ancient tongue languages are Egyptian, Persian, Sumerian, Akkadian, and Armenian. These languages all have rich cultures and histories from which they emerged as a means of communication. It’s thought that communication itself originated in prehistoric times when it was only through a person’s sounds, actions, and pictures that they were able to convey their ideas. Pictures are believed to be the forerunners of written forms of language as they’re known today, while sounds are believed to be the precursors of spoken language. ... Continue

Three Highly Important Aspects of Translation | One Hour Translation

We must remember that translation is not a product, it’s a service, so it’s not something that’s immediately available when a customer requests it. Therefore, a complex process begins from the moment a client requests a translation; and there are several factors that come into play in this process, all depending on the specific needs of the client. ... Continue

General Advice for Translation Clients | One Hour Translation

When a person or company makes the decision to use a language service provider for the first time, they will obviously have various requirements; so for the purpose of this article let’s just focus on translation services. ... Continue

translation services

Obviously, when speaking about translation and ‘false friends’ we’re not talking about friendships and having people in your life who won’t betray you. What we are doing, though, is reminding you of some basic rules regarding so-called ‘false friends’, or words that can cause all kinds of problems for inexperienced translators working on the ‘English to Spanish’ pair. Of course this doesn’t only apply to this particular pairing; there are examples in almost every language pair. These sneaky little expressions come disguised, appearing to be an obvious translation from our mother tongue, when in fact their meaning is entirely different. ... Continue

translation services

Any translation agency that offers top-quality translations will inevitably be following these three steps. Some agencies, to their detriment, offer only one step: this is the translation step, but without any quality control. This means that the file is translated then sent back to the client. ... Continue

translation services

Asking why we need translation probably sounds like a silly question, because it’s a question that every translator can easily answer. But perhaps those not familiar with the translation industry might be justified in asking why translation has become such big business in the last few years. It’s true that, year-by-year, the demand for translation has been steadily increasing, and the world’s economic crisis doesn’t seem to have affected this industry at all. ... Continue

translation services

The participation of various professionals, together with the collaboration of experts in their field, are all required to ensure a high-quality translation result; one that meets all the client’s requirements. ... Continue

translation services

The family say that Housing employees repeatedly refused to provide translation services, which they required to point out an error that caused their rent to be raised. ... Continue

translation services

What’s not understood about being a professional translator is that one must also become a student (perhaps ‘remain a student’ would be more appropriate terminology): skills and knowledge must continually be updated in order for the translator to stay up-to-date and current in this area of expertise; and also in other closely-related areas. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Now Offers Notarized Translations and Translation Certificates in 23 Languages | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation, the world's largest online translation agency, today announced that it has partnered with to offer notarized translations in 23 languages. One Hour Translation will also provide official translation certificates free of charge. ... Continue


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