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translation quality

Quality Assessment of Translations | One Hour Translation

Generally, there are three steps involved in the translation process, and these are translation, editing, and proofreading processes. We say generally, because it’s often wise with high word volume translation projects to add an additional step just to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. This final step is known in the translation industry as QA or Quality Assessment. ... Continue

Keep Improving the Quality of Your Translations | One Hour Translation

For any self-employed person, the idea is that you make yourself and your service and/or product indispensable. This is great advice at any time, but when the economy is struggling and particularly if we’re in the throes of a recession, this advice becomes invaluable. Your aim should be to deliver to your clients the type of translation, and the customer service goes with it, that they’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. ... Continue

translation quality

It’s only through quality-control that we are able to see if the files are complete; if the vocabulary is sound (regardless of whether a glossary has been used, or not), if there’s coherence with the files, and whether there are any inconsistencies or spelling and punctuation errors in the final text. Before making the final translation delivery, all these points should be subject to a highly rigorous check; thus saving time and ensuring that the client receives the highest quality product. Any experienced translator knows that the final translation product must be accurate and high-quality. ... Continue

translation quality

I am guilty, I admit, of making these essays very translator-centric. High quality translation is my business, after all, and as such it’s only natural that I see it from the perspective of the translation worker, after all. ... Continue

When it comes to translation services, we know that quality is the most important factor – you want your translation work fast, and you want it affordably, but more than anything else you want it to be accurate, fluent, and to not read like a translation. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Launches InContext for Improved Translation Quality | One Hour Translation

The new InContext™ technology lets translators perform the translation within the original context, thus improving overall translation quality and speed ... Continue

As discussed in an early blog, translation quality assurance (QA) tools are useful in improving the overall productivity in large translation projects. ... Continue

Even the best of translators are likely to commit errors in translation some time or the other particularly when the volume of translation is large. ... Continue


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