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Translation memory

Translation Software | One Hour Translation

Today we have many, many large companies and corporations offering their services and products in many different markets. Many times the marketing content depicting these services and products needs to be localized, and this can become a huge task. ... Continue

How Many Words Do You Know? | One Hour Translation

It’s a strange, but interesting question! Have you ever stopped to consider just how many words you know, and how many you actually use? Did you know that an average adult’s vocabulary runs into thousands and thousands of words? But that’s in their native language, and most of us who are monolingual won’t have ever consciously considered our vocabulary size. However, if you’re a linguist you probably already know the answer to this question.  ... Continue

Breaking New Ground: Translation Memory Shows You How | One Hour Translation

Translation Made Easy ... Continue

Computers and Translation: Brute Force | One Hour Translation

In the endless war between humans and the machines that hunger to replace them, we occasionally venture into absurdity. In the world of translation, we’ve long railed against so-called “machine translation” solutions that always seemed positioned to replace us with omnipotent computers that never slept, took vacations, or sighed thoughtfully while staring out their office window. ... Continue

The Importance of Source Files | One Hour Translation

Translation is an industry and job that has experienced incredibly fast change in just the last few years. Technology, a shrinking world, and an increased focus on language in both the academic and business sectors have had several effects on this business: One, it’s allowed folks like me to start my own translation services business, because there’s sufficient demand and volume out there to make going it alone possible. Two, it’s put a lot of stress on the translation industry to become more efficient, to work more quickly and be more accurate. And third, it’s become extremely reliant on computers and software – and this is an industry whose mantra for decades was that only humans could possibly do translation work. ... Continue

Hiring a Translator? Follow These Tips for a Great Result | One Hour Translation

Sometimes I am moved to have a little sympathy for the clients who hire us translation professionals; usually this occurs when a newcomer to the business of translation services contacts me for a quote, and I can quickly tell that they really have no idea what they’re getting into.  ... Continue

Changes to Industry: The Impact of Translation Memory Tools | One Hour Translation

Everyone in the business of language translation is familiar with Translation Memory and other computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools fresh out of school these days.  ... Continue

Managing Translation Technology  | One Hour Translation

There’s an unspoken rule in business that’s difficult to summarise, but I’ll make an attempt: You can gauge the relative value of something by how hard corporations try to control it. For a perfect example we can look at language translation and localisation services over the last decade or so. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Integrates with Google Play Offering a new Translation Memory API to Application Developers | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation, the web’s leading Professional Translation Service, announced that it will be providing it’s professional translation services to application developers directly from the Google ... Continue

How to Recognize a High Quality Translation Services Provider  | One Hour Translation

So, you have a translation project and you’ve never worked with a translator before. This is exciting stuff, for you as well as your eventual hire because you’re in a whole new world and they’re getting a whole new client! ... Continue