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translation industry

There is usually nothing at all common about ‘common’ sayings. When you encounter ‘common sayings’ in translation work, it usually means an extra billable hour or two as you research the meaning, try to decide which offered meaning and explanation is legitimate, and then craft an appropriate translation. If you think translating common sayings should be easy, let’s take a look at ten from English and show you just how hard it can be to get to the bottom of them. ... Continue

the effect of the economy on the translation industry

I’m fortunately to not live in an area of the world where things like 25% unemployment have become commonplace, but even so I’ve felt the pinch, as have my colleagues in the translation services industry. I certainly do not want to sound like I am complaining, as I still make a comfortable living, but the fact is the economic turbulence worldwide trickles down to us all, in small ways and big. ... Continue

The Size of the Translation Industry

Global Industry Analytics has released a report entitled Language Translation Software and Services: A Global Strategic Business Report. This report analyzes the market of translation services and translation software throughout the world, and profiles 85 companies including giants like Google Inc. ... Continue