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One Hour Translation provides translation services to Android developers through the Google Play developer console. There are over 700,000 apps available on Google Play, and many are published only in English. Nevertheless many of the non-English speaking users would rather use the application in their native language. The new integration enables access to a hassle free professional human translation of any application with a click of a button.  There are couple of important procedural notes to this kind of translations ... Continue

InContext™ technology lets you perform the translation within the original context, thus improving overall translation quality and speed. InContext is integrated with WeST™ (Website Translation), to allow you to translate on the webpage itself. Using InContext, you can see the original text and its context, thus allowing for a better translation ... Continue

Find the right translation agency the first time - The Savvy Client's Guide to Translation Agencies | One Hour Translation

 Helping companies successfully navigate the translation industry ... Continue

Translation services are readily available to business owners, students and other vested interests. The quality of the translation service is dependent upon the ability of the translator to accurately interpret the message of sender and accurately relay it to the receiver. ... Continue

Though translation services and interpretation are commonly used words found in all dictionaries, there are several misconceptions about the skills required and the nature of the job. ... Continue

httpv:// ... Continue

If you're a newly graduated translator-to-be, then you have a lot to look forward to—namely, working in a professional translation agency complete with fully experienced human translation e ... Continue

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