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Applying to Translation Agencies - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

Did you know that a resume submitted to an American company should not include your photograph, whereas a resume submitted for a potential French client should? And that’s what we mean by localizing your resume! ... Continue

Applying to Translation Agencies - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

When you’re applying to translation agencies to offer your services for various language combinations, you need to be sure that your application doesn’t end up in the agency’s junk mail folder. ... Continue

Translators: Are You Being Treated with the Respect You Deserve? - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

Sometimes, for any number of reasons, payments can be late. It may be that the translation agency hasn’t been paid by their client; perhaps the person responsible for paying accounts is away from the office, or your payment could be missing simply due to human error. Whatever the reason, the translation agency should not delay in contacting you about payment: they must be responsive to your emails and genuinely want to resolve the situation at their earliest opportunity. ... Continue

Translators: Are You Being Treated with the Respect You Deserve? - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

There probably isn’t a translator out there who doesn’t have their own horror story of working with an unscrupulous translation agency; and this might include unreasonable expectations, having to deal with rude and demanding Project Managers, late payment (or even worse, no payment at all), right through to being forced to take legal action in order to receive payment for the work they’ve completed. And on the other side of the coin, most translators have worked with great translation agencies; the ones that are efficient and pleasant to deal with, provide a steady stream of work, and agencies that always pay on time. ... Continue

Working with Small, Non-Reputable Translation Agencies | One Hour Translation

This first ‘annoyance’ can happen in any industry, but today we’re specifically talking about the translation industry. As a translator, have you ever been asked by a small, inexperienced agency to do a sample translation because the agency is trying to win a new client and they’d like to see a sample of your work? Of course, the agency wants this sample at no charge to them. The annoying point here is that, as a translator, you only get paid for the work you do – you’re not a staff member at the translation agency, so why should the translator in question bear all the risk? It’s highly unlikely that the sales manager or project manager at the less-than-reputable translation agency would be donating their time to work on the project and perhaps reducing the number of hours worked on their timesheet because ‘this is just a sample job’. But, the translator is expected to do this work for free! ... Continue

Which Is Best for Translators: Agencies or Direct Clients? - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

Some of your direct clients, and we’re mainly referring to clients who are new to the translation industry, have no idea what’s involved with a translation project – meaning they have no idea what you actually do.  ... Continue

Which Is Best for Translators: Agencies or Direct Clients? - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

The obvious answer to this question is that working for agencies is no better than working for direct clients, and working with direct clients is no better than working for an agency – they’re entirely different!  ... Continue

Calculating a Translation Quotation | One Hour Translation

Providing a translation quotation for a client can be very time-consuming because it requires a detailed analysis of the material in question in order to create a budget that is as precise as possible, in addition to avoiding both omissions and excesses. ... Continue

It’s a Win-Win Situation with Translation Teams | One Hour Translation

A translation team is simply a group of translators, editors, and a reviewer; the number of which will depend on the size of the project. This translation team will respond to the agency’s Project Manager or Project Coordinator. ... Continue

translation agency

Surely it’s occurred to every translation professional who launches a successful freelance career: Why not take the next step and start my own shop?  ... Continue