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Translation: A Skill in Great Demand | One Hour Translation

Some translators are self-employed - freelance translators - while other translators work for various agencies or organizations. While each career is quite different, the concept of working hard for translation clients is still the same. Perhaps the only difference is that freelance translators need to protect their personal lives and ensure they’re disciplined enough to limit the hours they work. It does take personal responsibility and self-discipline to become a successful freelance translator. ... Continue

Leap in Telugu and Urdu Translations Driven by Telangana Tech Companies | One Hour Translation

The increase in activity of international companies in the state of Telangana, India has been the driving force behind a dramatic leap in translations to Telugu and Urdu, the state's most widespread languages, according to One Hour Translation's research department, the world's largest online tra ... Continue

What’s the Best Language for a Translator to Study? | One Hour Translation

The answer to this question really depends. The most in-demand language in the United States is obviously Spanish, because, after English, it’s the second most commonly spoken language in the country. However, in terms of income potential, translators of the Spanish language face a lot of challenges.  ... Continue

Are Project Managers Necessary for Translation? | One Hour Translation

We’ve spoken in the past about Account Managers and how they’re important to the translation industry; so in this post we’ll focus on Project Managers and how they assist by providing excellent service to translation customers. ... Continue

The Steps to Completing a Translation Project | One Hour Translation

In this article we’ll take a look at proofreading. The first thing to point out here is that many translators (and indeed agencies are well) prefer not to use this term, while there are others who dislike the term editing and prefer to use the term review. The other point to make is that neither linguists nor agencies are able to agree on what this step actually entails. ... Continue

Researching Your Translation Project | One Hour Translation

Your first step to understanding the source document would be to do an initial skim-read to determine the complexity of the vocabulary. If you’re dealing with a document with a common format, like a contract for example, search the Internet for examples of other similar documents. And once you’ve begun translating, it’s always useful to read and study each sentence carefully to gain a clearer understanding of what those complex terms actually mean – rather than risking a spur of the moment translation. ... Continue

A Quick Guide for New Translation Customers | One Hour Translation

To try and assist our potential clients in understanding the service they’re actually asking for, we’ve compiled a list of points to help you prepare your documentation ready for translation. ... Continue

You Need a Translation Completed! | One Hour Translation

As translation professionals, it’s our duty to obtain as much information from the client as possible in order to properly do our job and to provide the client with, not only our best customer service, but the highest quality finished product. ... Continue

Love Phrases in Norwegian (Almost Guaranteed to Work!)  | One Hour Translation

Raise your hand if you have travelled for love. Of course, you can’t see my hand being raised here, because we are separated by time and space – much as lovers are separated before they actually meet. At the risk of leaving behind document translation issues and making this essay a bit more “meta” than we can handle, let’s pull back to a more practical vision: The language of love as translated into Norwegian. After all, love is its own language, largely non-verbal, but sometimes when you travel you meet someone unexpectedly and want to be able to put that non-verbal language into words. Clumsy, poorly-pronounced words! ... Continue

Everything You Need to Know About Simultaneous Interpretation - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

To be an efficient Simultaneous Interpreter, it’s not sufficient to have a working knowledge of the two languages concerned. It’s also vitally important that the interpreter has full and complete knowledge of the subject being discussed.  ... Continue