Translating Acronyms  | One Hour Translation

To ensure smooth reading of the translation we must know how to translate acronyms, and also when it’s appropriate to do so. ... Continue

Subtitling is No Easy Task! | One Hour Translation

The mistakes in translation are glaringly obvious at times. But for us couch potatoes it’s easy to criticize without stopping to consider the limitations and difficulties of translating subtitles. ... Continue

The Importance of Creative Translations (Transcreation) | One Hour Translation

In the translation world, creative translations are also referred to as ‘transcreation’. Today’s companies are facing the challenge of overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers in order to promote and sell their services or products in multiple countries and amongst different cultures. ... Continue

Translation: Saving Languages from Extinction | One Hour Translation

Most languages disappear when the last native speaker dies. Hazel Simpson is one example: Hazel passed away this year, aged 103, and she was the last-known native speaker of the Klallam Native American tribe. A language can also become extinct when younger generations struggle to preserve their native language when the official language of that country is used instead. This is evidenced with the Kula language of Indonesia: this is a language that’s spoken, but not written, by the island of Alor’s elders, and today the language is on the verge of disappearing forever. ... Continue

Multilingual Translations | One Hour Translation

The first important step is to carefully review the document and ensure that this is the final version of the document to be translated. Should you receive an update of content and the translation has already begun, your client should be advised that the cost of this inclusion will be multiplied by the number of languages the document is being translated into: this often becomes an issue between client and translator, particularly when the client is working on a limited budget. So, can you see that it’s very important to make sure the document is the final approved version, ready for translation. ... Continue

Managing Terminology in Translation | One Hour Translation

With the advent of the Internet, the methods in which we search for, receive, and exchange data has changed. Today it’s become quite normal for videos and images to be the online platform for explaining certain information. Because it’s become the norm, many people believe that written communication is becoming obsolete, or at least not as important as in days gone by. But this belief (in our opinion) is quite incorrect: written text will always be the major component of the Internet and of any type of document; whether the document is in print or online. ... Continue

What’s The Difference between Transcreation and Translation? | One Hour Translation

Transcreation is the process of taking a message in one language and transporting it to a different language. But transcreation is not a synonym for translation, so what’s the difference? ... Continue

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