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Some of the Most Interesting Languages in the World | One Hour Translation

If you’re a language translation professional or simply a linguistic enthusiast, then you understand me when I say that language is fascinating and beautiful. The end result of billions of people working in concert for thousands of years, language is a combination of thought, description, and commerce that paints a picture of the world we live in an how we interact with that world. In each and every language that has ever existed there is the story of the culture and people who created it over the course of their history, and as a language changes and evolves so do the people who speak it, and vice versa. ... Continue

Dealing with Skill Rot | One Hour Translation

Freelance translation professionals know that a lot more than simple language skills goes into our work. That’s why not everyone who happens to speak two languages is suited to being a language translation expert: In the modern day our skill set involves more than the linguistic, including computer use skills, research skills, and, for freelancers especially, sales and accounting skills as well. ... Continue

How to Know What You Don’t Know | One Hour Translation

We’ve all had that conversation at parties or other gatherings, when someone we don’t know well asks what you do for a living. This is a standard polite question and is, I think in my more whimsical moments, pretty emblematic of civilisation itself: It shows interest in you, which is flattering and ice-breaking, without being intrusive or invasive, because your work is always a layer away from who you really are. ... Continue

Top Tips for a Translator’s Résumé | One Hour Translation

A résumé is essential whether you are running your own business or seeking work as an employee. It is a document that tells potential employers and clients what you can do for them, and how experienced you are at it. Browse the Internet and explore your local library, and you will find a million suggestions on how to write the perfect résumé – but this article identifies the top requirements for a résumé in the translation industry. ... Continue

Being Creative about Finding Translation Work | One Hour Translation

The single biggest truth about freelance translation services work is that you have to be your own salesperson – and that work never ends. Because your client list is your lifeblood, and clients will always come and go. Sometimes they hire you because they have a huge project – and when it ends, so does your contract. Sometimes they find a language translation professional who is cheaper than you, or knows someone personally on the team. Sometimes you make a single mistake and ruin a relationship (hey, it happens). Whatever the reason, the result is the same: You have to continuously keep looking for new work in order to maintain and grow your business. ... Continue

Why Translation Is the Career for You | One Hour Translation

The career of translation is becoming more and more realistic, as there is increasing work for people in this industry. Ten or twenty years ago, there was less demand for translators, so it may not have been the most desirable career path. Today though, young people (or people of any age) can consider growing up to successfully follow a career in translation. ... Continue

Could Translation be What Your Online Company Needs to Reach Number One? | One Hour Translation

The competition online for top search rankings is fierce indeed.  Everybody wants that number one spot on Google -a coveted position by everyone from stay at home bloggers to multi national corporations. But why? What is it about search rankings that is so important and why is everyone clamoring to reach the top? ... Continue

Preparing Your Writing for Translation | One Hour Translation

It’s been brought to my attention that most of my posts and other writings concerning translation are from the point of view of the poor besieged translation services professionals struggling with all the challenges of the work, the clients, and our stuffy, ill-lit home offices. This is understandable; after all, that’s my point of view, so it’s natural enough that my first thoughts for any writing about this business will be based on what I myself experience. ... Continue

Avoiding Translation Scams | One Hour Translation

The sad fact is that the world is full of scammers and charlatans who regard an honest day’s work as a waste of their time, and prefer to try to separate honest people from their money. Sadly, freelancers in all industries – including translation services – are probably targeted more often by these fraudsters because freelancers have less support and less insulation. At a company, there are people double-checking decisions, and the buyers are usually different from the folks who do the work – and, of course, if you’re salaried you get paid even if the company itself is scammed. ... Continue

What’s Your Freelance Goal? | One Hour Translation

I’m sure you’re aware on some level of the concept of “the power of positive thinking.” Regardless of your opinion of moving mountains with just a bit of optimism, the facts are that your attitude and mental state do have impacts on your work, your productivity, and even your health. Positive people achieve more, work more efficiently, and get more out of their lives. And no one, I don’t think, would choose to be depressed if they have a choice. ... Continue