5 Simple Steps for Reaching New Global Markets | One Hour Translation

Business is going well and you have a solid foothold in your domestic market. You’re ready to explore new markets across borders and oceans. But the task is daunting: Cultural, geographic and language barriers seem like an insurmountable challenge. ... Continue

Translation co finds 6 hot technology trends | One Hour Translation

A recent study by the research department at One Hour Translation, which examined several thousand translation projects in the last year, found six emerging major global technology trends. ... Continue

Foreign Words That Don’t Translate Well into English | One Hour Translation

English is a deep and comprehensive language, however there are still many words that exist in languages other than English which do not translate well into English. Even though English speakers can understand the meaning of these words, there is no one-word equivalent in the English language. Here are some of the more interesting foreign words we have found that do not translate well into English. ... Continue

The Most Prevalent Translation Myths | One Hour Translation

Translation would have to be one of the most misunderstood and under recognized professions in the world, don’t you think? Though I am sure many professionals from other niches would make the same complaint. I know a land surveyor who spent four years studying at University and then another several years doing his practical training and becoming qualified, only to have many people dismiss his qualifications as those obtained at night school or over a week-long course. ... Continue

A Career as a Language Influencer | One Hour Translation

Can you solve this riddle? What is something that every person in the world owns completely, but is unique to every person? Something that each person uses to a different level of complexity and sophistication? Something that is within the power of every person to deal with exactly as they like? ... Continue

Translation as a Business: When Loving Languages Isn’t Enough | One Hour Translation

One thing that all successful translators have in common is a love of languages (and, of course, fluency in at least two languages). However, a love of languages needs to be simply the first characteristic of a successful translator – many other elements are necessary. ... Continue

Text Free Translation | One Hour Translation

We can safely say that work involving translating a set text from one language to another language makes up the core work for most freelance translators. There is, however, a growing demand for translation professionals to provide their services for work that never takes the form of text. ... Continue

Survey: What Devices Do Consumers Across the World Use to Shop Online? It Differs by Country | One Hour Translation

There is big difference in the preferred device for online shopping based on the country of the consumer. ... Continue

How That Magical Universal Translator Technology Works on Our Real Travels | One Hour Translation

by Eric Reed ... Continue

Overcoming Critics on Your Way to Success | One Hour Translation

Translation isn’t a career that has obvious and easy roadmaps or checkpoints. Whereas the typical office job has a ladder of titles and salary increases that let everyone know where you are on the pathway to success, as a freelancer and a translator you lack these things. As a result, it’s easy to feel like you’re failing when you’re actually just getting through the early chapters of building your business. After all, when you’re entry-level at an office, you’re not making any money and you have few successes – but it’s masked by the office around you and the minimal trappings of success, like a title and the support services of the office. ... Continue