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The Wonderful World of Web Content | One Hour Translation

Successful websites are not just about pretty looks, but amazing content that communicates efficiently and engages visitors. People who browse the net rarely spend much time on one website, and they follow links and close browsers quickly, with minimal thought. A successful website is one that conveys all of its essential information to a visitor without fuss and complication. Web uses are addicted to simple concepts, quick ideas and knowing what they need to know in an instant. So, how well is your web content working for you? ... Continue

Business Documents That Need Translation | One Hour Translation

Consumers are all around the world and communicate in different languages. Because of this, businesses may need to translate their important documents into different languages. If you are considering hiring a translator, you will need to prepare your documents and ensure that you are translating everything you need to. A consumer who speaks another language may be turned away, if they do not have all of the information they need to make a purchase in a language they understand. ... Continue

Consumers buy more online in winter | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation said the survey shows that consumers around the world adopt strategic approaches to their seasonal online purchases. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Launches US OHT-Enterprise For Documents Too Large For Google-Translate | One Hour Translation

OHT-Enterprise offers a full-service translation and localization service for businesses operating around the world tailored specifically to the workflow needs of enterprise-grade customers. ... Continue

Video Killed the Print Resume: Why You Need a Video Resume | One Hour Translation

In the current economic climate around the world, one thing is for certain: No one is following the plan they had mapped out for themselves. Whether it’s a job lost to downsizing or having settled for a lower-paying job than you expected to get, everyone is scrambling to recalibrate their expectations and their career strategies. ... Continue

Characteristics of a Quality Translator | One Hour Translation

Many people around the world know multiple languages, and have even learned them from birth. This offers them great opportunities to progress in their personal and professional lives, however not everyone who understands multiple languages can become a quality translator.  ... Continue

Loyalty Goes both Ways: Building Customer Loyalty Through Interaction | One Hour Translation

People really do have more choice in the modern world than ever before. The explosion of the Internet, the Web, and mobile devices allows people to locate any service or product practically anywhere in the world, all with a swipe of a finger.   ... Continue

Going Global: The Right Path to Growth | One Hour Translation

A report from the UPS Perception of Global Trade Survey says twenty four percent (24%) of small businesses in the United States are now into the global market. And, the encouraging thing about this is that many of them are experiencing significant returns from the trade that happens there.  ... Continue

Marketing in Different Languages | One Hour Translation

Communication technologies, including the Internet, are allowing businesses to sell products and services to an international market. Even small business owners who were once limited to selling within their own local community, can now obtain customers from all around the world. These new opportunities are rewarding for businesses as they can increase their income and also find customers who are passionately interested in niche concepts. ... Continue

Is Working at Home for You? | One Hour Translation

It’s great working at home. Some people might say that depends on the kind of work you do at home. True. In my case, most of the work I’m engaged in has to do with translation, reading and writing, which can easily be completed in comfortable clothes in the peace of my own house. Sure beats those stiff dress shirts, tight collars, neckties and heavy, dark coats anytime! ... Continue