Studying By Distance Education | One Hour Translation

Are you thinking about going back to study, but are unsure how to manage it around your other commitments. Technology now allows students of all ages to study at reputable institutions like universities and colleges. Even if you have family or work obligations, distance education is flexible enough so you can keep them and study at the same time. ... Continue

Agencies for Freelance Work | One Hour Translation

As a freelance translator, finding work is essential. Being a freelancer is exactly the same as being a business owner. Even though you may like to focus on what you do best, you will also need to spend time marketing and managing your business. You will need to attain new jobs and retain existing clients, so you have a steady workload and reliable income. ... Continue

Be Careful Where You Vent and Get Advice | One Hour Translation

One of the major disadvantages to being a freelance translation services provider as opposed to being employed by an agency or company is the lack of easy contact with your peers and colleagues. In an office setting, when you have a frustrating experience, you can walk over to a friend’s office or cube and vent a little, get some advice, and move on. When you’re working from home you can try venting to your pets or yourself in the mirror, but it isn’t the same, and the advice will not be forthcoming. ... Continue

Essential Skills for a Translator: Creativity | One Hour Translation

Once you work in the translation services for a while, there’s a term you will start coming across all the time: Transcreation. We’re all Word Nerds in this business, after all, and so we like to invent new terms all the time. Transcreation, of course, is a combination of translation and creation and is gaining favour among agencies and other client-types because they believe that in many cases it more accurately describes what it is that we language translation professionals actually do. Any translation project, after all, requires not solely fluency in the language pair, but the ability to re-imagine concepts and sentences so that they continue to make sense – it’s the old literal translation argument: You don’t want literal, you want a translation that preserves the sense, style, and tone of the original. ... Continue

Translation Versus Adaptation: Where is the Line? | One Hour Translation

I know that when younger people think about translation as a career, they often imagine a specific, slender sliver of the translation services world: Literary translation. They see themselves sitting at an outdoor café, sipping a coffee and taking leisurely, cultured turns bringing a work of literary genius from one language into another – and, of course, being paid handsomely for the work. I’m not saying those opportunities don’t exist, but they are certainly rare, and the funny thing is most of the people daydreaming about them don’t think too hard about the deeper implications of that sort of translation work. ... Continue

The Importance of Context | One Hour Translation

There’s an old saying in the world of translation services: Amateurs translate word by word, professionals by the paragraph, and experts by the entire source text. It was probably worded much more elegantly when I first heard it, but that covers the basics: Developing as a professional language translation expert is usually a journey from treating projects like jigsaw puzzles, fitting words into blank spaces, to treating them as wholes. The reason this is so important is because when you start working with the source text as whole instead of in smaller sections, it means you are finally understanding the concept of context and its importance to translation work. ... Continue

Essential Freelance Translation Skills: Taking Criticism | One Hour Translation

It always surprises me when I encounter so-called professionals who can’t handle feedback, who continuously confuse sincere, constructive feedback with attacks or negative criticism. This is as prevalent in the world of translation services as anywhere else. The various ways people misinterpret feedback are also quite creative: It can be seen as an attempt to undermine, as ultra-competitiveness, as jealousy, or misinformed naivete – the only really common element is a disdain for the feedback itself. ... Continue

Language Blindness | One Hour Translation

One of the easiest ways for a translation professional – or anyone who works with language and words on a regular basis – to get themselves into trouble is to start assuming their experience and training is powerful enough to save them from mistakes. We all make mistakes from time to time – whether in a purely bookkeeping or housekeeping sense, such as accepting a deadline we find we can’t meet, or in a broader sense, such as misunderstanding the point of a source text and thus bungling the translation not in technical terms, but in conceptual ones. ... Continue

The Key to Professional Success: Be an Adult | One Hour Translation

As anyone who has been a manager in some sort of professional capacity will tell you, one of the most challenging aspects of running a business or office is dealing with the different personalities of the people brought together for work, especially when some of them are less mature than others. Maturity should be a given in any professional environment, but at least when you’re in a physical translation office scenario the immature often find themselves the minority, and they quickly either wise up or wash out as the more seasoned co-workers and colleagues demonstrate very little sympathy for those who can’t behave in an adult manner. ... Continue

Getting to the Next Freelance Level Requires Reliability | One Hour Translation

Surprisingly, most people find it pretty easy to launch a freelance career. That’s because in it’s most bare-bones configuration, “launching a freelance career” requires nothing more than a mental decision to do so. Close your eyes and think, “Now I am a translation freelancer!” Congratulations! You just launched your freelance career. ... Continue