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How Many Spanish Languages Are There? | One Hour Translation

Generally, languages seem to be named after a certain culture or the people or inhabitants of a country. But there are cases where this results in a generalization, meaning that other native languages from the same country are excluded; languages that are still valid, even though they may be spoken by fewer people. ... Continue

The Languages of Spain - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

With the Pyrenees as a natural frontier, Spain borders on France and Andorra in the north. ... Continue

The Languages of Spain - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

Spain is actually 17 autonomous regions, each having its own geography and its own culture. The capital of Spain in Madrid, home to the Royal Palace. ... Continue

Cuba: The Largest Island in the Caribbean - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

It’s interesting to note that sugarcane has recently been replaced by tourism as Cuba’s main income earner. Other industries in Cuba include pharmaceutical and biotechnological production, nickel, coffee and rum. ... Continue

Cuba: The Largest Island in the Caribbean - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

The major religions of Cuba consist of 95% Roman Catholic, with the remaining 5% being Protestant Jewish and Santeria. The ethnic groups of Cuba include mulatto 51%, white (European descent) 37%, black 11%, and Chinese 1%. ... Continue

Mexico’s Popular Celebration: Cinco De Mayo - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

The world’s largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations actually take place in Los Angeles, and not in Mexico. Cities like Houston, Denver, and New York City throw large parties in honour of the day, with the Festival de Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles attracting hundreds of thousands of people. Even Chandler in Arizona celebrates the day with Chihuahua races and two of the dogs being crowned King and Queen! ... Continue

Mexico’s Popular Celebration: Cinco De Mayo - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

When President Obama required the services of a Spanish interpreter, he welcomed Mexican dignitaries to the White House and (unfortunately) touched off celebrations for Cinco de Cuatro. In any case, President Obama’s gesture was very welcome by Mexicans who, at that time, were facing a troubling national predicament with the H1N1 virus that was running rampant throughout their nation. ... Continue

Argentina: A Beautiful Country - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

Argentina is a beautiful country of both man-made and natural wonders: from the vineyards of Mendoza, the glaciers, sky-scraping peaks of the Andes, to the busyness of Buenos Aires; the tourist has so much to see and do in this incomparably unique and dynamic country. In fact, Argentina has become a top destination for tourists. It has the highest peak in the Americas, the largest waterfalls, and some of the most amazing scenery that a traveller will find anywhere. And it’s not just the overall excellence that keeps visitors coming back for more – it’s the amazing variety of tourist attractions in Argentina. ... Continue

Argentina: A Beautiful Country - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

The neighbouring countries of Argentina are Uruguay in the East, Bolivia and Paraguay in the north, and Chile in the West. The Argentina Republic occupies almost all of South America east of the Andes and south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Argentina also claims the Falkland Islands, the South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia, and part of Antarctica. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. ... Continue

Castilian and Spanish – Synonyms? | One Hour Translation

Many people from non-Spanish speaking cultures would probably be unaware of this, but historically, this Romance language has been plagued by antagonisms and infighting which started on the Iberian Peninsula and eventually found its way into the former Spanish colonies; and it’s here where the presence of other indigenous languages added to the linguistic confusion. ... Continue


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