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Spanish and Portuguese Languages: The Differences | One Hour Translation

We know there’s a close relationship between the Portuguese and Spanish languages, sometimes to the extent that they display a high degree of mutual intelligibility, however, there are also many differences to complicate the learning process of these languages, and the ability to translate between them. ... Continue

Literary Translations: Spanish Idioms and Regionalisms | One Hour Translation readers, when reading a novel translated into Spanish, hope for a neutral form of Spanish, meaning one without regional characteristics that are related to any specific Spanish-speaking country. But this is almost impossible because there are so many words in Spanish without a universal equivalent. Articles of clothing are good examples of this: words like chaqueta, cazadora, chamarra and campera all mean ‘jacket; or remera, franela, playera and camiseta - all mean T-shirt, and don’t have ‘neutral versions. ... Continue

Translating a Genius like Sigmund Freud | One Hour Translation

Translating the entire life’s work of such a renowned author as Sigmund Freud, known widely as ‘The Father of Psychoanalysis’, must have been a difficult and complex translation. Freud was the author of many essays and books, and he was responsible for introducing many completely new concepts and ideas to our world. ... Continue

How Do Other Countries Refer to ‘John Doe’ or ‘Juan Pérez? | One Hour Translation

We know them as ‘John Doe’ in the United States: do you remember that cable series that came then disappeared without a lot of fanfare? Sometimes we call them ‘John Smith’, and here we remember the famous explorer. Whatever we call them, it seems that every culture has its own version, each with its own peculiarities. ... Continue

How to Achieve the Perfect Translation | One Hour Translation

In previous articles we’ve discussed the more common issues people face when translating from Spanish to English; remembering that these obstacles are definitely not discouraging for translators. In fact, it’s actually the opposite. It’s these obstacles that entice and stimulate a good translator: obviously a non-translator would find this kind of work boring and tedious. Translators will approach a challenging translation the same way a mathematician might tackle a head-scratching math problem. This is exciting to them! They love testing themselves and delving into the text to resolve complicated translation issues and then sitting back and enjoying the extreme satisfaction of knowing they just produced a perfect translation. ... Continue

One Hour Translation se encargará de traducir al español los tuits de Harry Style | One Hour Translation

La agencia de traducción humana más rápida del mundo, One Hour Translation, creó una nueva cuenta de Twitter que se encargará de traducir al español todos los tuits de Harry Style. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Twitter Handles Translate Miley Cyrus' and Justin Timberlake's Tweets into Spanish and French | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation, the world's fastest human translation agency, has created new Twitter handles that will translate all of Miley Cyrus' tweets into Spanish (@OHT_MileySP) and all of Justin Timberlake's tweets into French (@OHT_JustinFR). ... Continue

One Hour Translation Twitter Handles Translate Harry Styles's Tweets Into Spanish and Italian | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation, the world's fastest human translation agency, has created new Twitter handles which will translate all ofHarry Styles's tweets into Spanish and Italian. ... Continue

Harry Styles' tweets translated into Spanish and Italian | One Hour Translation

One Direction's Harry Styles' tweets have been translated into Spanish and Italian, complete with their own Twitter handles. ... Continue

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