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Using Social Media to Promote Your Freelance Translation Business | One Hour Translation

Many translators like Twitter, because they believe it’s the quickest place to gather current information that’s relevant to them. Twitter is actually a really great way of getting your message out, and the beauty of Twitter is that your followers will read your tweets and then retweet it on to their followers. ... Continue

Who will be masters of the ever-expanding 'Twitterverse'? | One Hour Translation

The Twitter universe is getting complicated. Or, depending on your viewpoint, ever more useful. Hugely popular, Twitter is a platform for sending frequent short messages (or tweets) to many people from your phone or the Internet, and receiving the same from others. For instance a tweet like "Doing laundry yet again!" might go to thousands of followers, if the sender is that popular. ... Continue

Use Twitrans To Twitter In A Variety Of Languages | One Hour Translation

 A new free service called Twitrans launched today that allows Twitter users to quickly translate any short message to a variety of languages. The translation is farmed out to humans using the OneHourTranslation platform and results are promised in a few minutes. ... Continue


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