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The Spanish word usted is a precise word expressing affection and closeness between two people and this feeling can be difficult to replicate in a different language; particularly in English. One important aspect of translations is that, whilst retaining the integrity of the contents, the quality of the translation must be the same in both languages. ... Continue

Send Translations directly to Your In House Reviewers - October 2013 Translators' Newsletter | One Hour Translation

What’s this feature all about? We just released a new feature on the Project Page, ‘Send to your Reviewers’. This feature allows customers to send the translation you completed directly to their in-country/ in-house reviewers. ... Continue

Если вы профессиональный переводчик, предлагаем вам подать заявление на должность переводчика в One Hour Translation. Подача и рассмотрение заявления включают следующие этапы: ... Continue

At One Hour Translation we understand that your translation projects require highly trusted, high quality results. How do we keep delivering high quality translations? ... Continue

Als professioneller Übersetzer sind Sie herzlich dazu eingeladen, sich als Übersetzer bei One Hour Translation zu bewerben. Der Bewerbungsprozess umfasst die folgenden Schritte: ... Continue

Si eres un traductor profesional, puedes presentar tu solicitud para unirte a One hour Translation. El proceso de solicitud consta de los siguientes pasos: ... Continue

Se sei un traduttore professionista puoi richiedere di diventare un traduttore per One Hour Translation. La domanda di lavoro include i seguenti passi: ... Continue

Αν είσαι επαγγελματίας μεταφραστής είσαι ευπρόσδεκτος να κάνεις αίτηση ως μεταφραστής στην One Hour Translation. Η αίτηση περιλαμβάνει τα ακόλουθα στάδια: ... Continue

Si vous êtes traducteur professionnel, nous vous invitons à rejoindre One Hour Translation en soumettant votre demande d'inscription. La procédure d'examen de votre demande se déroule de la façon suivante : ... Continue


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