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Improving Your Command of Both Source and Target Languages | One Hour Translation

An experienced, professional translator has great command of both their source and target languages. The most effective way for a translator to accomplish this is to increase their vocabulary, focusing on the words they encounter in their translation projects. ... Continue

Translations: Machine Versus Computer-Aided | One Hour Translation

Since ancient times human beings have been communicating with people of other cultures for economic, social, and cultural purposes, and the skills that some scholars have in foreign languages has resulted in the translation of some of the world’s greatest literary works into a variety of international languages – benefiting nations worldwide. Even the treaties responsible for changing the course of history could not have come to fruition without a common language ensuring the parties involved were able to effectively communicate with each other. And so we know that both interpreters and translators have made an important contribution when it comes to the evolution of humanity. ... Continue

Professional Translation: A Tough but Rewarding Career - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

As previously mentioned, the perfect way to start your career in translation is to join a professional translation association. Through this association you’ll receive whatever you need in the way of real-life experience; in addition to gaining important contacts which can be invaluable to your career. ... Continue

Professional Translation: A Tough but Rewarding Career - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

When you work in a bilingual or multilingual industry you’re working in a rather unique profession that’s capable of bridging the gap between languages, peoples, cultures, and ideologies. And that’s probably why translation has become a much-desired career today, and also a much sought-after commodity. Today, more than ever, the importance of translation should not be underestimated. ... Continue

Wolf In Bleep's Clothing: Lessons From Ikea's Lewd Toy Scandal In Hong Kong - Forbes | One Hour Translation

Have you heard the water cooler story of the week, at least for those in the retail world? ... Continue

One Hour Translation supports the rescue teams heading to aid the disaster zone in the Philippines | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation's professional services will be provided to rescue teams at the Philippines free of charge. Proper translation improves the aid given and the overall success of the mission. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Continues To Expand Internationally | One Hour Translation

As part of One Hour Translation's global growth, the company has launched a new branch in Romania's capital, Bucharest. ... Continue

When it comes to translation services, we know that quality is the most important factor – you want your translation work fast, and you want it affordably, but more than anything else you want it to be accurate, fluent, and to not read like a translation. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Selects on BlueSnap for Payment Processing Around the World | One Hour Translation

With a network of more than 15,000 professional translators and thousands of business customers worldwide, One Hour Translation prides itself as the fastest professional translation service in the world. Once a translator starts working on the translation, a countdown timer shows when the translation is going to be ready. ... Continue

Use Twitrans To Twitter In A Variety Of Languages | One Hour Translation

 A new free service called Twitrans launched today that allows Twitter users to quickly translate any short message to a variety of languages. The translation is farmed out to humans using the OneHourTranslation platform and results are promised in a few minutes. ... Continue


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