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Survey: Only 40% of Consumers Trust Brands That Don't Translate | One Hour Translation

Only 40% of consumers trust companies that fail to translate their websites, applications and products. ... Continue

8 Great Business Words We Don't Have in English | One Hour Translation

by Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation ... Continue

Survey: Businesses Take Note - More Than 80% of Consumers Can Differentiate Between Human and Machine Translation | One Hour Translation

More than 80% of consumers can tell the difference between a professional, human translation and translations offered by automated translation tools. ... Continue

5 Simple Steps for Reaching New Global Markets | One Hour Translation

Business is going well and you have a solid foothold in your domestic market. You’re ready to explore new markets across borders and oceans. But the task is daunting: Cultural, geographic and language barriers seem like an insurmountable challenge. ... Continue

Translation co finds 6 hot technology trends | One Hour Translation

A recent study by the research department at One Hour Translation, which examined several thousand translation projects in the last year, found six emerging major global technology trends. ... Continue

A World Of Words: Good Translation And International Diplomacy | One Hour Translation

Ever wonder just how much lies on the shoulders of those hardworking translators whispering between two world leaders, struggling to make sure they understand one another’s weighty words? One wrong phrase, and, oops, you’ve caused an international incident. ... Continue

Lost in translation | One Hour Translation

“Good words are worth much, and cost little,” said the famous poet and orator, George Herbert. ... Continue

The 6 Top Languages Global-Minded CEOs Should Know | One Hour Translation

During a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session earlier this year, Microsoft founder and prolific philanthropist Bill Gates said his biggest regret in life is that he speaks only English. ... Continue

Mobile App Users Want Apps in Their Native Language | One Hour Translation

Almost half of mobile device applications on smartphones and tablets are in their user’s native language, according to a survey of 800 consumers worldwide conducted by OHT-Mobile, the mobile division of One Hour Translation. ... Continue

How That Magical Universal Translator Technology Works on Our Real Travels | One Hour Translation

by Eric Reed ... Continue