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Translation: A Brief History - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

As time passed, translation became vitally important to the relationships between different nations, basically because the process of communication couldn’t function effectively without it. Translation became an integral part of every culture and it wasn’t long before every culture had their own Translation Centre. There was a translation school in Spain, and Baghdad had The House of Wisdom, plus of course there were many monasteries where monks worked long hours on transcriptions and translations. Translation was an elite pursuit right back as far as ancient Rome and it became part of the resume of every educated man’s talents. Then, with the advancement of translation, the industry became a science – an independent skill, and one that would prove of great service to the world forever. ... Continue

Translation: A Brief History - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

Before language or the spoken word, humans had to rely on sounds, symbols or signs, in order to communicate with each other. Then gradually, over time, these sounds came to represent certain events or objects, eventually evolving into a rather complex style of expression, now known as speech. ... Continue

One Hour Translation expands to Lehi | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation, an international online translation agency, is expanding in the United States. The company has opened its third U.S. branch in Lehi, joining Palo Alto, California and Washington D.C. for the company’s North American operations. ... Continue

Leap in Telugu and Urdu Translations Driven by Telangana Tech Companies | One Hour Translation

The increase in activity of international companies in the state of Telangana, India has been the driving force behind a dramatic leap in translations to Telugu and Urdu, the state's most widespread languages, according to One Hour Translation's research department, the world's largest online tra ... Continue

This Is The Most Romantic Language | One Hour Translation

According to a new survey by One Hour Translation, the majority of people think French is the most romantic language of all. ... Continue

Are Companies Paying More Attention to 'Novy God'? | One Hour Translation

Are companies paying more attention to 'Novy God', the Russian New Year celebration? According to One Hour Translation, the world's largest translation agency, the answer is yes. ... Continue

Chinese intensifying e-commerce sales efforts | One Hour Translation

Chinese online merchants and e-commerce sites have significantly increased their sales efforts in English, Russian and Arabic speaking markets between 2014 and 2015, research by online translation agency One Hour Translation has found. ... Continue

Ahead of Black Friday, Israeli translation firm opens world for China retailers | One Hour Translation

For retailers in China, the Internet has become a window through which they can sell their goods directly to the rest of the world, especially “retail-challenged” areas such as large parts of Russia and the Arabic-speaking world. ... Continue

One Hour Translation

On a daily basis, translation Account Managers receive many quote requests and, because this is a highly competitive industry, the key to closing a sale, or at least being able to increase your chances of closing a sale, is to respond as quickly as possible. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Launches MyTeam - Revolutionizing Enterprise Translation | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation, the world's largest online translation agency, today expanded its Enterprise offerings to include MyTeam, allowing enterprise clients to choose a team of dedicated translators ... Continue


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