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Consumers buy more online in winter | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation said the survey shows that consumers around the world adopt strategic approaches to their seasonal online purchases. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Launches US OHT-Enterprise For Documents Too Large For Google-Translate | One Hour Translation

OHT-Enterprise offers a full-service translation and localization service for businesses operating around the world tailored specifically to the workflow needs of enterprise-grade customers. ... Continue

Breaking New Ground: Translation Memory Shows You How | One Hour Translation

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5 Killer E-Commerce Marketing Tips For 2015 | One Hour Translation

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Let’s Have a Drumroll for Website Localization! | One Hour Translation

According to Internet World Stats, an estimated 800 million English speakers surfed the web in 2013, but they only made up 28.6% of Internet users. ... Continue

Multilingual Skype Translates As Users Speak | One Hour Translation

Blau said the Skype Translator is a step in the right direction. "It really brings up a big possibility for business, consumers, to understand what's being spoken,” Blau said. “It’s an exciting time for business, anybody working in a multi-lingual environment." ... Continue

Exclusive Data Finds Translation and Localization key to Increasing Global E-commerce | One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation (OHT), the world's largest online translation agency, today released exclusive data indicating that localization of e-commerce sites has a significant impact on global consumers. ... Continue

Zuckerberg's Grasp of Mandarin Has a Big Lesson for Businesses | One Hour Translation

Mark Zuckerberg’s remarkable display of language facility during his recent Q&A in Mandarin at Tsinghua University in Beijing impressed many people around the planet. But Zuckerberg’s linguistic feat clearly has much more significance than just dazzling us and his in-laws. ... Continue

One Hour Translation's Proprietary Website Translation Technology WeST Now Used to Localize More Than 10,000 Business Websites Worldwide | One Hour Translation

"We are pleased with the vote of confidence from the more than 10,000 businesses that selected WeST to localize their website," said David Shaw, VP Business Development of One Hour Translation. ... Continue

עסקים קטנים ובינוניים מחפשים ללא הרף מנועי צמיחה אבל רק חלק קטן מהם הפנים את העובדה שהקהל הפוטנציאלי העצום שלהם נמצא מחוץ לישראל ואפילו מחוץ לארה"ב. ... Continue