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Warning to Migrants: When in Hospital, Don’t Use Relatives or Friends as Translators! - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

New South Wales Health Minister, Killian Skinner, believes this situation could change. She said: ‘I understand Victoria has been reviewing how these things can be handled. They’re very interested in what we’re doing here in New South Wales and I'm really happy for our wonderful services to be collaborating with Victoria, and indeed with all the other states.’ ... Continue

Warning to Migrants: When in Hospital, Don’t Use Relatives or Friends as Translators! - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

Shahad Abboud was on a boat with her family (her mother, two brothers and her sister), trying to reach Australia: the boat was intercepted and taken to Indonesia. For eight months the family lived in a detention centre in Jakarta, until they were released and permitted to live in the city. They then applied to Australia for refugee status, desperately wanting to be reunited with their father and other siblings who were also attempting to make it to Australia. It took almost five years for the family to be permitted to relocate to Australia, and finally this family were reunited. ... Continue

Benedictine University offering Spanish Medical Program | One Hour Translation

Management at the University believe there’s a shortage of employees and interpreters who can speak both English and Spanish, and this is across most fields. It’s their opinion that the need for professionals who are able to effectively communicate in Spanish and assist in addressing the safety, health, social and legal needs of the Hispanic population in the United States has now become urgent. ... Continue

Translation Is More of an Art than a Science  | One Hour Translation

Like every other industry in the world, translation is constantly being squeezed and pressured into lowering costs. Whether you’re a freelance language translation professional like me or part of a larger company, chances are you know what I mean: Everything is supposed to get cheaper, while your own expenses stay flat or rise. It’s normal: You get a new client and for a while everything is rosy, then they feel like they’ve worked with you long enough that their needs and procedures ought to be a given. Thus they think you’re working more efficiently, and that means you should be charging less. ... Continue

When an Incorrect Translation Can be Detrimental  | One Hour Translation

As a translation professional, there are a few conversations I have repeatedly with people when they hear what I do with a living. One of these conversations centres on the esoteric nature of my work and how it has no impact on them whatsoever – the idea being that I’m locked in some language ivory tower, and my work has zero effect on them. ... Continue

Multilingual Electronic Labelling | One Hour Translation

Sometimes it seems almost comically obvious that the medical field should not be a for-profit sector of our world – people’s health and lives shouldn’t have a price tag. Every human on the planet has an innate right to the healthiest life they can manage with their genetic code, and no expense should be considered when treating people or extending lives.   ... Continue