4 reasons your business should market to the hispanic community | One Hour Translation

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Simple Marketing Ideas for Freelancers | One Hour Translation

Freelancers might prefer to focus on their natural skills and talents, but they will also need to spend time marketing their work. Just like a business needs to invest time and money into marketing, freelancers do too. There are many simple ways to embrace marketing, and ensure that you receive a steady flow of new clients. ... Continue

Turn Yourself into a Polished Professional | One Hour Translation

Whether you are seeking a permanent position within a company, or seeking more work as a freelancer, it can help to market yourself as a polished professional. We live in a fast paced world where first impressions count, so it is important to present yourself to the world in the best way possible. A few decades ago, your resume was the most important way of presenting yourself, but things have change with the Internet, social media and online networking. Your resume is still important, but there are many other considerations for a professional who wants to stand out and shine. ... Continue

The Power of Storytelling | One Hour Translation

When people think of storytelling they may imagine a mother or father sitting with a child when they are tucked into bed – telling stories about their own childhood, or reading aloud from a picture book. Storytelling most certainly helps young children make sense of their world, and it engages their emotions and imagination. It makes them connect and feel a bond with the person telling the story, and it lifts their spirits and hope for the future. ... Continue

Tips to Increase Your Email List | One Hour Translation

Far from being dead, email remains a vital part of the world’s communication systems and the business world’s marketing engine. While email has been written off in the past, it remains a strong force for a few simple reasons: It’s ubiquitous, it’s fast, it’s reliable, and it’s practically free. Every industry in the world, from mining to translation services uses email in both its infrastructure and its marketing – and you should too. ... Continue

Publicity Strategies for Savvy Entrepreneurs  | One Hour Translation

As a business owner - whether in translation services or any other kind of business, you may want to undertake the publicity responsibilities yourself. This could be because you know more about your business than anyone else, because you are a one-person team, or because outsourcing your publicity and marketing to an external agency will use up all your money. You may have realised that great publicity takes a lot of knowledge, but more importantly it takes a lot of time and a determined attitude – and these are two things you do have! ... Continue

Marketing in Different Languages | One Hour Translation

Communication technologies, including the Internet, are allowing businesses to sell products and services to an international market. Even small business owners who were once limited to selling within their own local community, can now obtain customers from all around the world. These new opportunities are rewarding for businesses as they can increase their income and also find customers who are passionately interested in niche concepts. ... Continue

Why Your Business Needs Social Networking | One Hour Translation

It amazes me, sometimes, how much resistance social media still gets by some people and businesses. In your personal life, it is of course entirely your prerogative to reject social media – not everyone needs a Twitter account, and that’s fine. For your business, however, ignoring the marketing opportunity that social media offers is, simply put, a bad decision. Whether you’re running a small-shop translation services business or a larger company, in the modern age you don’t simply want to be involved in social network marketing, you need to be involved with it. ... Continue

5 Killer E-Commerce Marketing Tips For 2015 | One Hour Translation

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Writing Attention-Grabbing Blog Posts | One Hour Translation

Question: If you write and upload a blog post and no one actually reads it, did it exist? Well, yes, of course you likely have a copy of it somewhere, yes, but if no one actually clicks on the link it’s almost like it never existed, isn’t it? And unfortunately, even people who do very well in an articulate and writing-centric field like translation services often struggle with convincing people to click on and read their blog posts. ... Continue