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machine translation

Humans Vs. Machines: Who Will Win the Translation Battle? | One Hour Translation

We know that the industrial revolution resulted in millions of workers being replaced by machines; machines that were more efficient, faster, and stronger than humans were at that time. This means that, today, many people working within a wide variety of professions and industries are concerned that something similar could well happen to them. And let’s face it, the advances made in technology in recent years have been mind-blowing, so-much-so that many people are being left jobless every day. ... Continue

Translations: Machine Versus Computer-Aided | One Hour Translation

Since ancient times human beings have been communicating with people of other cultures for economic, social, and cultural purposes, and the skills that some scholars have in foreign languages has resulted in the translation of some of the world’s greatest literary works into a variety of international languages – benefiting nations worldwide. Even the treaties responsible for changing the course of history could not have come to fruition without a common language ensuring the parties involved were able to effectively communicate with each other. And so we know that both interpreters and translators have made an important contribution when it comes to the evolution of humanity. ... Continue

Handy Tips for the Successful Entrepreneur: Hiring A Translator - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

Just for a moment let’s forget about translator’s rates, and consider quality. Is there any way you can check the quality of a translator’s work? The best way is through the translator’s current clients, which means that your translator should be able to provide references and give you examples of their work in order to help you make the right decision. Plus, the translator you’re considering hiring should have recommendations on their LinkedIn profile or a feedback page on their website. ... Continue

Handy Tips for the Successful Entrepreneur: Hiring A Translator - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

In this post we’ll share some translation tips with you so you’ll understand the process of purchasing translation services. ... Continue

Translators, Use Technology to Your Advantage! | One Hour Translation

Figures show that 3 billion gigabytes of data are currently generated every day; with automatic translation services processing more words per minute than all human translators are capable of processing in a year.  ... Continue

Why We Still Need Human Translators | One Hour Translation

If you recall the Luddites, then you’ll recall the antagonistic sentiments that many people have harboured for machines over many years, specifically when technology has displaced human workers. ... Continue

Machines and Humans Working Together | One Hour Translation

Today we see a more rational resistance against the use of machines, whereby it’s more a general criticism of technology products and the poor quality associated with them. An example of this is the ongoing campaign against fast food: around the world gourmets are very resentful of the fact that people can, and do, sell their good taste (and some would say good health) for just a few coins. ... Continue

Why Post-Editing Is Important to Translation | One Hour Translation

Machine translation was almost never used outside a laboratory setting, that is until the 1970s. It was at this time that we saw the use of machine translation spreading, perhaps just out of curiosity and maybe a little out of necessity. Today, what began as an experiment has now become a reality in the translation industry. ... Continue

The Turing Test, by Alan Turing | One Hour Translation

The Turing Test consists of a human being having a conversation with an unseen entity and trying to determine whether the discussion is taking place with a computer or a human being. If a program is successful in consistently impersonating a human being, it’s said that it passed the Turing test, and is therefore declared intelligent. ... Continue

Translation Memories – Yes or No? | One Hour Translation

A translation memory is basically a database which is capable of recording units of text that have previously been translated by a translator. These ‘memories’ have received much credit for increasing the efficiency and productivity in the field of translation. ... Continue


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