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lost in translation

Life Can Be Confusing | One Hour Translation

Imagine you’re having your first appointment with a new Doctor, and you’re going to a new building: and you’re in a new country! The address you’ve been given is 200 Fifth Street, 1st Floor, Office B; so you walk up to what you assume is the first floor and knock on the door ‘Office B’. But when someone opens the door you’re being greeted by a Law firm receptionist! So, what went wrong? ... Continue

More Horrendous and Costly Translation Blunders | One Hour Translation

I recently came across two chilling examples of translation mistakes that led to warfare between countries. ... Continue

When Translation Blunders Have Grave Consequences | One Hour Translation

Last week I was having one of my characteristic ‘long lunches’, which is my way of procrastinating and avoiding work that I’m not looking forward to. This time I had managed to cajole a high school friend into a three hour lunch/early dinner with me, and the conversation turned, as it inevitably does, to our careers. ... Continue

The "language of business" is based around the common denominator of currency. Business decisions are made on whether that currency will make you more currency, cover your expenses and leave enough for expansion. ... Continue