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Language Flavor is Vital in Localization | One Hour Translation

First of all – what is localization? For people not familiar with this word, localization is the process of adapting something – which might be a service, product, text, and so on – to a specific language, culture or demographic. In the field of translation there are many, many translators out there who work with different language pairs, from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, English to French and French to English, and so on; and most are native language speakers of the target language they’re translating to. ... Continue

Reaching a Global Audience Through Good Content | One Hour Translation

Today we have website CMS options, full platforms and marketing automation that make localizing content as easy as pressing a button. But how can brands ensure that they’re reaching their desired global audience once localized? ... Continue

Localization is NOT Always Easy! | One Hour Translation

When we think localization we usually think translation; assuming that bringing a game from one country to another would be as simple as running the script through Google Translate. Unfortunately, no! It’s a lot more complicated than that. Translation’s certainly not that simple. In most languages there are turns of phrases, idioms, and cultural references that just don’t translate. And the job’s far from over, even though you may have converted a mountain of text into your target audience’s language. ... Continue

Does Your Company Have A Chief Localization Officer? | One Hour Translation

For a company to reach eighty percent of the world’s active online audience it must be able to deliver content in fourteen different languages. Fourteen is a lot of languages required to reach a significant amount of the buying audience. So, how do you maximize your staffing dollars, product development, and marketing, to effectively engage your audience and sell overseas? ... Continue

Localizing Social Media Campaigns - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

Do some research on the personality and general attitude of each market. This, of course, is an instinctive process when marketing to your own country, but unless you’ve spent a lot of time in the country you’re designing social media content for, you won’t fully understand the tone of these markets. This can be fulfilled by doing both desk and field research. This information should be added to your cultural style guide, and instead of simply translating your campaigns, consider the importance of ‘transcreating’. ... Continue

Localizing Social Media Campaigns - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

It’s pretty exciting for any organization once the decision has been made to expand marketing efforts into new markets. Tapping into audiences that were previously out-of-range can be an awesome experience because, when it’s done right, your revenue can skyrocket. However, if you don’t get it right, your international debut can be a total flop. If you have little experience in this area, working out how to localize your marketing campaigns to new markets can be a very daunting task, particularly if you’re working with limited funds. There are, however, some simple things marketers can do to ensure their marketing strategies support international expansion. ... Continue

Translating Advertising Campaigns  | One Hour Translation

Sometimes a translator will have the confronting task of adapting stories and texts derived from a certain culture to be directed towards a country with an entirely different culture. To ensure that the audience on the receiving end understands the advertisement and to ensure that you’re conveying the correct ideas, the translator will be required to modify the original text to whatever extent necessary. ... Continue

Translation Software | One Hour Translation

Today we have many, many large companies and corporations offering their services and products in many different markets. Many times the marketing content depicting these services and products needs to be localized, and this can become a huge task. ... Continue

Localization and Advertising Campaigns Gone Wrong | One Hour Translation

We all understand the importance of hiring a professional translator when a translation is required, and we also understand the important of localization. In this article we’ll show you some advertising examples where there’s obviously been failure on both counts! ... Continue

Localization, And Why It’s Important | One Hour Translation

We’ve probably all noticed in recent years that localized products have increased significantly, particularly in the field of internet technology. So why is there a major focus on localization in this area? ... Continue