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Transcreation- the translation industry buzz word | One Hour Translation

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Exclusive Data Finds Translation and Localization key to Increasing Global E-commerce | One Hour Translation

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One Hour Translation's Proprietary Website Translation Technology WeST Now Used to Localize More Than 10,000 Business Websites Worldwide | One Hour Translation

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The international arena is peppered with cultural and linguistic variety. These differences between geographic regions, locales and people necessitate the creation of robust, dynamic, intuitive and reliable translation memory software. ... Continue

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A language is way to see and understand the world. It is the vehicle of our ideas, thoughts and perspectives of our world. However since human being is essentially a social animal we perpetually interact with our environment. This interaction with environment is a factor of time and space. ... Continue

One of the main reasons why companies are so eager to adopt the Internet globalization paradigm into their marketing strategy is because it will theoretically help bring in a multitude of profit and intensify trade to a global scale. ... Continue