Translating Advertising Campaigns  | One Hour Translation

Sometimes a translator will have the confronting task of adapting stories and texts derived from a certain culture to be directed towards a country with an entirely different culture. To ensure that the audience on the receiving end understands the advertisement and to ensure that you’re conveying the correct ideas, the translator will be required to modify the original text to whatever extent necessary. ... Continue

Translation Software | One Hour Translation

Today we have many, many large companies and corporations offering their services and products in many different markets. Many times the marketing content depicting these services and products needs to be localized, and this can become a huge task. ... Continue

Localization and Advertising Campaigns Gone Wrong | One Hour Translation

We all understand the importance of hiring a professional translator when a translation is required, and we also understand the important of localization. In this article we’ll show you some advertising examples where there’s obviously been failure on both counts! ... Continue

Localization, And Why It’s Important | One Hour Translation

We’ve probably all noticed in recent years that localized products have increased significantly, particularly in the field of internet technology. So why is there a major focus on localization in this area? ... Continue

5 Simple Steps for Reaching New Global Markets | One Hour Translation

Business is going well and you have a solid foothold in your domestic market. You’re ready to explore new markets across borders and oceans. But the task is daunting: Cultural, geographic and language barriers seem like an insurmountable challenge. ... Continue

Payoneer translates web and mobile content to speak to growing customer demand | One Hour Translation

Payoneer works with One Hour Translation to translate about 30 blog posts, multiple customer service inquiries, white papers and dozens of emails every month, Steel says. ... Continue

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One Hour Translation, the world's largest online translation agency, announced today that WeST, its innovative website localization technology, is now used by more than 10,000 businesses to localize their websites. ... Continue

Localization – Dealing with Colloquialisms  | One Hour Translation

In the last article we discussed localization in general, and blunders that have been made when businesses have rushed their launch into a foreign market. Today we’re dealing with a nuance of the same issue – colloquialisms. ... Continue

Localization – Get It Right the First Time | One Hour Translation

It’s such a simple idea that it’s no wonder so many businesses do it. Your business is raging in your home country, and you’ve started to branch out to other markets. Then comes the final frontier – offering your product or service in a foreign market with a foreign language. But localization can’t be that hard… can it? ... Continue

Transcreation- the translation industry buzz word | One Hour Translation

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