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Family Sues New York City Housing Authority  | One Hour Translation

The family say that Housing employees repeatedly refused to provide translation services, which they required to point out an error that caused their rent to be raised. ... Continue

Ohio Supreme Court: Lack of Qualified Translators | One Hour Translation

Recently, a human trafficking trial was being held in Delaware County, and defense attorneys for the three Chinese nationals were very unhappy about the qualifications of the translators; which raises very serious questions about due process. ... Continue

Interpreters For All Court Cases: New Move By California - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

Critics, of course, believe the State has been dragging its feet on this issue. Mary Lou Aranguren is the Legislative Chair of the California Federation of Interpreters, which is the Union that represents court interpreters. Aranguren said ‘our input all along has been that they can do it sooner: there have been a lot of excuses the courts have used for years’.  ... Continue

Interpreters For All Court Cases: New Move By California - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

Saeedi is 33 years of age, and speaks Farsi: she was commenting after a recent court hearing in Redwood City, in California. Legal advocates throughout the state of California say that litigants who have difficulty with the English language and who are involved in child custody cases, divorce, eviction, and other civil cases are going into court without assistance from qualified interpreters. Worryingly, many of these people are forced to ask for assistance with translation from friends or family members, or even worse, the opposing party. The reason for this is because California only provides access to an interpreter for criminal cases, not civil cases. ... Continue

Lack of Translation Services for Families with Disabilities | One Hour Translation

An upcoming Federal class action alleges that thousands of children with disabilities are denied these services due to a lack of interpretation and translation services for the families involved. ... Continue

What Are Layman’s Terms? | One Hour Translation

Most of us have been in the situation where we’ve started reading something that’s so convoluted, so advanced, with such strange vocabulary that we just didn’t understand anything. And we’re not alone in this. Perhaps this is the great thing about language: there are so many different ways of expressing terms relating to different fields. Every field of study has its own means of expression. For example: a Doctor will probably write and speak in medical jargon, that to a layperson will sound like total gibberish; a lawyer might write and speak in legalese, which is its own language containing lots of legal terminology: again, the layperson won’t have a clue what they’re saying. ... Continue

The latest translation law passed in relation to the European Union has come as a sigh of relief for the people who have been accused of crimes here. ... Continue

For those condition and situation when we not only require high quality translation but also legal validations, at that time the much required service is the sworn translation service. In general, the service is available in different languages and ... Continue

Legal translation as discussed in a previous blog is one of the most challenging task in the field of translation. It combines the creativity required in literary translation with the precise terminology of technical translation. ... Continue

Legal translation means translating docu ... Continue