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human translation

Humans Vs. Machines: Who Will Win the Translation Battle? | One Hour Translation

We know that the industrial revolution resulted in millions of workers being replaced by machines; machines that were more efficient, faster, and stronger than humans were at that time. This means that, today, many people working within a wide variety of professions and industries are concerned that something similar could well happen to them. And let’s face it, the advances made in technology in recent years have been mind-blowing, so-much-so that many people are being left jobless every day. ... Continue

Why We Still Need Human Translators | One Hour Translation

If you recall the Luddites, then you’ll recall the antagonistic sentiments that many people have harboured for machines over many years, specifically when technology has displaced human workers. ... Continue

Translation Memories – Yes or No? | One Hour Translation

A translation memory is basically a database which is capable of recording units of text that have previously been translated by a translator. These ‘memories’ have received much credit for increasing the efficiency and productivity in the field of translation. ... Continue

human translation

From the moment this tool launched, millions of websites added this plug-in to their home pages. And Google’s work is still not finished: for the last few years Google has been working hard to improve this tool. ... Continue

human translation

Google has made its Translation Service even more flexible, interactive and collaborative by adding an interesting and helpful new feature. It’s quite similar to the way the basic Google Translate service works but this new feature allows its visitors to suggest better translations or even choose an automatic alternative translation by tweaking the Website Translator plug-ins translation. ... Continue

human translation

The use of humans for translation is still vital when a professional quality translation is required. As any translator will tell you, languages are highly complex communication systems, and the exact meaning of any given phrase or word can vary significantly depending on the context, the target audience, and the purpose of the communication. ... Continue

Survey: Businesses Take Note - More Than 80% of Consumers Can Differentiate Between Human and Machine Translation | One Hour Translation

More than 80% of consumers can tell the difference between a professional, human translation and translations offered by automated translation tools. ... Continue

Machine translation is fast becoming the wave of the future for the translation field thanks to innovations like the Google Transliteration IME. ... Continue

Technology has been inevitably remodeling the practice and concept of human translation in many aspects—so much so that machine translation has become an integral part of the ... Continue

Professional translatio ... Continue


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